11 Cutest Instagram Accounts For Cat Lovers


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Cat Lovers Are Unique

Cat lovers are non-conformists. They are smart, keep an open mind, seek affection, are sensitive, prefer solitude and are less dominant. Their qualities include assertiveness, self-confidence, forcefulness, and persistence.

Cat lovers are more open to experience and more neurotic than dog persons. For some people, lifestyle factors may be the main reason determining if they own a pet and if so, what kind. Cat lovers are more laidback individuals, who tend to prefer “low maintenance” cats. They are also noted for “doing their own thing” whereas dog lovers tend to “follow the crowd.” People who are high in openness to experience tend to follow their own interests rather than blend in with other people. Cat lovers perceive cats as more individualistic than dogs, and therefore, more similar to themselves.

Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas in Austin conducted a study to understand the personality difference between cat lovers and dog lovers.Here is what he found.

Cat Lovers: Cat lovers were 11 percent more open than dog lovers. Openness indicates an appreciation of art, imagination, new ideas, adventure, and curiosity. They believe in unconventional ideas.

Dog Lovers: Dog lovers were generally about 15 percent more extroverted and 13 percent more agreeable, both of which indicate a social nature. In addition, dog lovers were 11 percent more self-conscientious when compared to cat lovers and were relatively traditional.

In any case, for interesting differences between cat lovers and dog lovers, check out Psychology Today.

What’s your opinion on the conclusions from the research study? Share your comments below. Enough with research. Let’s check out the 11 cutest Instagram accounts for cat lovers.


Instagram account for cat lovers

We bet you are humming Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” right now. That’s because of the adorable black and white kittens on topcatphoto’s Instagram page. OK cuteness aside, did you know that cats are designed to kill small prey? That’s why they have flexible bodies, quick reflexes, sharp claws, and teeth! They can hear high frequency sounds, and can see in near darkness.



Check out these pictures of cute kittens. They are nothing but adorable balls of fur and can spend endless hours playing with each other. Are you aware that young kittens are known for their love of play? This behavior mimics hunting and is important in helping kittens learn to stalk, capture and kill prey.


Cat Lovers

These kittens are nothing but cuteness, personified. It is hard to realize that they are actually animals and not furry dolls. The domestic cat is a small, typically furry, domesticated mammal. They are often called house cats when kept as indoor pets. Did you know when did cats become domesticated? Check out this article that talks about what scientists have to say about this.


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Nala, the tabby/Siamese mix has very hypnotic, huge eyes that seem focused, always. Her long whiskers and relaxed attitude make her stand out from the pack. Did you know whiskers help provide information on the width of gaps and location of objects in the dark? Remember, thou shall not cut a cat’s whiskers!


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Who can forget these furry, cute kittens that are always up to something? It would be nice if we are able to adopt them as pets. “Be prepared” should be your mantra when bringing a new kitten into your home. If we follow these tips, we will be on our way to having a well-adjusted feline family.


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Did you know that life in proximity to humans has led to cats expressing great affection towards humans? The human being may function as a sort of surrogate for the cat’s mother. Kittens mature so rapidly the first three or four months, that your job as a surrogate mother will be determined by the kittens’ age at any given time.

Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Check out these pictures of the kittensofInstagram. How cute and adorable, like dolls. We would love to play with them all day long. The above pictures of Eli the cat shows that she/he is probably a pampered one. I am assuming Eli is probably a few years old, from the pictures.


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Apollo the cat is a ragdoll – with a flame bicolour coat. He appears to be mischievous and a ball of energy. Apollo has a brother named Indigo with whom he cuddles, wrestles and sleep together, as well. Apollo loves to be around people and is very friendly. He loves to play with newspaper, sweets and shoe laces. He is obsessed with fizzy water and loves to play fetch. Cats, particularly littermates frequently indulge in specific behaviours that might be inaccurately called a cat fight but is actually a play session.


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

Cats conserve energy by sleeping more than most animals, especially as they grow older. The daily duration of sleep varies, usually from 12-16 hours, with 13-14 hours being the average. Which raises the question: Why do cats sleep so much?


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

These three cats (the first pic in the image above) have an insatiable curiosity and it is reflected in their eyes. God only knows what mischief they are up to! Did you know that domestic cats use many vocalizations for communication? Their body language including the position of ears and tail are all indicators of mood. Raised tails indicate a friendly greeting and flattened ears indicate hostility. Did you know that there are three ways in which cats communicate with each other?


Instagram accounts for cat lovers

These animals belong to the Cute Pet Club? Want to know why? They are an overload of cuteness and we cannot take our eyes off them – be it a sleeping pose, sitting or standing position. Did you know that though cats and dogs are believed to be natural enemies, they can live together if correctly socialized? If there is going to be a problem during cat-dog introductions, it is usually caused by the dog!

We suspect you might also love this bundle of cuteness!

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10 Cutest Instagram Accounts For Dog Lovers

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