13 Amazing Wedding Invitation Infographics


The latest trend in the race to impress wedding guests is wedding invitation infographics. Before we look at what it is, let’s get some perspective of where things stand when it comes to wedding invitations.

We are used to seeing traditional wedding invitation cards. They are usually comparable to A4 or A5 paper sizes. The content in a traditional marriage invitation card is restricted to the name of the bride and groom and the name of their parents. In addition, you will see details pertaining to event schedule and the location.Wedding invitation card

We are now seeing more customised marriage invitation cards. There are some really cool ideas that are becoming popular nowadays. Here is an example. In this “save the date” card, there are custom caricatures of the bride and the groom along with illustrations that depict landmarks from the cities they are from! This style is becoming very popular in India and is more expensive than the run of the mill variety.Illustrated Wedding Invitation with Indian Theme

Movie stars, industrialists and other high flying families in India go the extra kilometer when it comes to wedding invitations. Shahid Kapoor’s recent wedding invitation was not just a card! It was actually a box with exquisite flavours of exotic tea and honey neatly packed in elegant bottles along with the invite!

Wedding invitation card of rich people in India

Wedding Invitation Infographics can wow your guests

So what if you want to show a snippet of how you met your partner or showcase the life if the bride and the groom in your marriage invitation card without appearing like a rich couple determined to put everybody else to shame with an over the top wedding invitation card? Infographics, as the name suggests, is the combination of information and graphics.

Infographics (short form of “Information graphics”) combines visual storytelling with data or knowledge to communicate ideas, information, trends and events better. People of all ages tend to relate to images much better than text. That’s why, story books, newspapers, and magazines rely on illustrations, visuals and graphics a lot. Applying the concept of

Applying the concept of the infographic for creating a marriage invitation card will make sense if you would like to depict in detail the life and times of the bride and the bridegroom or their background. We are pretty sure this will bring a smile to every one of your guests. Infographics, if designed properly, can turn a boring wedding invitation card to something that people will really read and appreciate.

We have lined up 13 different wedding invitation infographics to give you some ideas to work with.

1. Simon and Sarah

A design company in the UK created this wedding invitation card.

wedding invitation infographics

2. Carien and Lafras

While we do not know who created this infographic, we certainly appreciate the visuals. Just look at the test tube. It’s a great way to denote chemistry!wedding invitation infographics

3. Kate and Owen

This wedding invitation infographics is an entire social network on paper! It lists all the key people attending the wedding and details about them. Looks like the couple was determined to create some sparks between the guests!

Wedding invitation infographics

4. Colie and Joy

Belinda Shish, a Chicago-based illustrator created this fabulous and elegant wedding invitation infographics.

wedding invitation infographics

5. James and Sabrina

This is a retro themed wedding invitation infographics. The cool thing about the infographic is the amount of information packed into it. Once you start reading the invitation, you cannot stop till you get to the bottom!Wedding invitation infographics

6. Albert and Stacy

This invitation card is not just an infographic, it also includes a tearable RSVP card attached to it. How clever!

Wedding invitation infographics

7. Ryan and Garvos

Inksurge design studios created this awesome wedding invitation. One one side alternative images of the bride and the groom come together when folded. When you unfold the paper, you have a beautiful wedding invitation as infographics on the other side.

Wedding invitation infographics

wedding invitation infographics

8. Chris and Abbey

This is an epic wedding invitation that compresses a novel into an infographic! Every detail about the couple and the wedding arrangements are brought out through cool illustrations.

Wedding invitation infographics

9.Emma and Larkin

This wedding invitation looks more like a map to a theme park and brings out a sense of adventure and playfulness.

Wedding invitation infographics
Via Divagonedomestic.com

10. Nancy and Liam

This couple created an elegant infographic style wedding invitation card that showcased every aspect of their life as a couple. They carried forward this theme to all other wedding-related stationary.

Wedding invitation infographics

Wedding invitation infographics

11. Olga and Paul

This infographics wedding invitation was created by Natalia Grosner.

Wedding invitation infographics

Wedding invitation infographics

12. Sarah and Sean

WrittenInDetail is an Etsy vendor and they offer charming infographics style wedding invitations that combine caricatures with comic book style icons and illustrations.

Wedding invitation infographics

13. Amber and Braden

This infographics style wedding invitation depicts the love story of a couple getting married. Also available through Etsy from PicadillyLime.

Wedding invitation infographics

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