17 Cool Nail Art Designs for the Indian Bride


Nail Art Designs

History of nail art designs

Nail art designs have a long history. In the book Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure, by Suzanne Shapiro, the author provides interesting insights on the history of nails and the practice of decorating it. When you read the book there is something that becomes apparent – a woman’s body and nails has always been used as a canvas to reflect culture. Nail art has been one such ancient practice. Here are some interesting insights from Refinery29:

All the way back in 5000BC, guess where nail art designs were found? It’s India! Indian women dyed their fingertips with henna and this kick started a nail art design revolution!

In 3000 BC, the Chinese produced a concoction of bees wax, gelatin, dyes and egg whites that was then mixed with rose petals to give it the pink color. This is no instant, quick drying variety. They had to leave it on their fingers untouched overnight to get a proper result!

Aristocrats of the Chou Dynasty in 600 B.C used a brightly colored gold or silver on their long nails. They were protected by blinged-out guards

In the 15th century, the Incas invented nail art. They decorated their nails with nail art designs of eagles.

In the 1800s-1900s, the Victorian era saw the rise in the popularity of manicures, with a treatment of red oil with a chamois cloth buffering.

It was the 1920’s that reinvigorated the nail art scene with the old-school red as well as the moon manicure.

In 1932, Revlon hit the market shelves. Polish in this era was made to stop staining the nail, and instead, coat it with hard enamel.

In 1934, Maxwell Lappe – a dentist created the first set of fake nails.

In 1955, Frederick Slack – another dentist accidentally discovered the acrylic sculpting-nail extension after trying to mend a broken nail with acrylic.

In 1976, Jeff Pink created one of the best-known manicures called French Manicure.

In the 1980’s, there was a kaleidoscope of nail varnishes in the market, from neon yellows to glowing fuschias to shocking blues.

The minimalist 90’s brought back colours like reds, nudes and pinks.

In the 2000’s, nails have become part of the whole outfit. Innovation continued with the 2007 invention of Minx stick-ons.

In 2008, the first gel polish aka the 2-week manicure came out. DIY nail art has reigned supreme, with nail enthusiasts skipping salons and trying out different homemade designs.

Why should you care about nail art designs?

Nail art designs come in a mind-boggling range of designs/colours. They can range from the demure look to the wild/edgy look, and make the wearer stand out in a crowd. When it comes to a bride, nail art designs are important, since they use their hands a lot during rituals and they are photographed from several angles! But that is not the only reason. Here are some other reasons as to why nail art design is important for the Indian bride.

Nail Art Designs

Our pick of 17 nail art designs for the Indian bride

When it comes to planning for a wedding, if you are one of those brides who plan everything in advance, you can pick great nail art designs for your nails.

Here are some spectacular nail art designs we picked out for your big day:

1. Glitter and frostNail Art Designs

Nothing can beat the popular combination of glitter, and light purple frost along with stones. They are set in a flowery pattern, and these colours blend in very well with a bride’s outfit and makes a fashion statement at a wedding, filled with plenty of rituals.

2.Red and goldNail Art Designs

This combination of dark orange and gold make the perfect wedding nail art. Intricate patterns are used here that complements the bridal outfit very well. It goes well with mehndi and bangles if the bride wears them. This design looks very traditional, yet glamorous at the same time.

3. Purple enamel with stones

Nail Art Designs

If the bride is conservative, then their nail art should be meaningful. The royal colour purple juxtaposed with maroon colour along with embroidery makes the nail art blend in with the bride’s outfit.

4. Matte red with gold

Nail Art Designs

Another neat nail art design for Indian weddings is matte red with golden accents. The texture and golden embroidery-like texture stands out and enhances the look of a bride’s outfit.

5. Light purple and gold with rhinestones

Nail Art Designs

Purple is the colour of royalty and class. Combined with gold, it gives a glow of beauty and elegance. This nail art design is perfect if the bride has a hint of purple in her outfit. Golden rhinestones can be added for that extra sparkle.South Indian Bridal Makeup

6. Maroon with red stones

Nail Art Designs

When the bride is in a hurry and has no time to spare, fake nails are her best bet. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and designs, and look beautiful, once worn.

7. Red and gold

Nail Art Designs

This is a delicate red and gold nail art design. It is perfect for pre and post-wedding rituals for the bride.

8. Swarovski crystals

Nail Art Designs

To add that oomph factor to the bride’s outfit, nothing beats the combination of stones and crystal nail art. It looks gorgeous and stands out, definitely.

9. Glitter and sparkles

Nail Art Designs

If the bride wants to look subdued, yet elegant, glitter and sparkles are the way to go. For the grainy look, glitter, micro beads or shimmer powder gives that effect.

10. Dark colours

Nail Art Designs

If the choice of bridal outfit is that of dark colours like red, magenta, maroon, pink and rust, these sparkling wedding nail art designs rule the roost.

11. Red/gold with red rhinestones

Nail Art Designs

Nothing beats out the combination of red and gold, with red rhinestones. This is a popular nail art design colour combination that most brides favour, to match their henna and outfits.

12. Maroon and gold

Nail Art Designs

Maroon and gold are a perfect colour combination if the bride is wearing dark-coloured outfits.

13. Blue and lace

Nail Art Designs

If the bride has a hint of blue and lace in her outfit, this nail art design would be the perfect accessory to her nails.

14. Nude/white with rhinestones

Nail Art Designs

After the wedding, this would be the perfect nail art design for post-wedding activities. The nude colour with white and rhinestones gives off an ethereal look.

15. Ivory with black design

Nail Art Designs

This is a beautiful nail art design of an ivory background with hints of black patterns on the edges. This is an alternative approach to traditional nail art design, for the Indian bride (especially if she wears a white/black outfit).

16. Orange/blue

Nail Art Designs

Orange/blue is a lovely colour combination and goes well with casual outfits for the bride.

17.Red and black

Nail Art Designs

Red and black is a classic colour combination, and that coupled with black and red stickers along the fingers is a beautiful sight to behold. Brides can wear this nail art design for outings.

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