6 India Inspired Wedding Invitation Cards from Etsy


First of all, what the hell is Etsy? Etsy is an online e-commerce platform that sells all kinds of arts, crafts, and other handmade products from around the world. If you are into exclusive, handmade items, Etsy is a great place to browse. If you are an artist, you can create your personalized store on Etsy and sell your products to customers worldwide.

While Etsy is not yet popular in India, we believe it’s a matter of time before Etsy expands into India and other local competitors catch on to this concept. Interestingly, Etsy has some beautiful wedding invitation cards and we lined up our favorites for your pleasure!

1. Illustrated wedding invitation that highlights the couple’s background

IllustratetheDate sells personalized illustrations that can be printed as wedding invitations as well as magnets and reminder cards. We just love the fact that the couple’s background and likes can be brought together in a caricature.

Illustrated Wedding Invitation with Indian Theme

2. Wedding invitation envelope with a royal seal

How about a personalized wax seal to seal your marriage invitation card? VenusEnvyPaper sells just that! Here is a sample from their Etsy page.

Wedding invitation with a royal seal

3. Wedding invitation designed for power cuts

How about a marriage invitation card that doubles up as a hand fan? JesseDiamondDesign has a beautiful Indian themed fan that’s actually a marriage invitation card.

Wedding invitation that's also a fan!

4. Wedding invitation with minimalist design

If you are not a fan of busy, Indian-themed design, how about a minimalist design that still has the “Indian” look and feel? DreamCloudDesign on Etsy has one just for you.

Minimalist Indian Wedding Invitation Design

5. Simple is better

TheIndianPaperForest on Etsy has a modern take on the traditional Indian marriage invitation card. How about keeping it simple yet elegant?

Wedding Invitation with a modern Indian themed design

6. Wedding invitation with a lot of colours

If you want something traditional yet represents the colour and energy associated with Indian weddings, we found the right marriage invitation card for you. FoorEyesDesign has a colorful yet pleasing design.

Wedding invitation with a lot of colour

In conclusion – If you are reading this blog post and your wedding is not on the horizon, you will probably need a Jodi Logik profile!