7 Indian Wedding Gifts For A Software Engineer

Indian Wedding Gifts
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Indian wedding gifts for software engineers

If you are invited to the wedding of a software engineer in India or elsewhere, you should read this blog post. We have done a scientific analysis on the perfect Indian wedding gifts for a software engineer and here are our shortlist of Indian wedding gifts that will make you look cool and make your friend remember you for the rest of her life.

We have done a scientific analysis on the perfect Indian wedding gifts for a software engineer and here are our shortlist of Indian wedding gifts that will make you look cool and make your friend remember you for the rest of her life.

Based on our patented career matching algorithm (still in Beta phase), we have found that wedding gifts for software engineers in India require a deep understanding of how they work and the challenges they face at work.

1. Periscope

Indian Wedding Gifts

Here is a question – What’s the difference between a meerkat and a software engineer? Well, a meerkat cannot write code! But if you have seen a meerkat before you will know why they are very similar to software engineers in terms of their behavior. They stand on their hind legs outside their burrow to scan the horizon for predators. When they smell or see a danger they dash quickly into their burrows on the ground.

A software engineer’s burrow is their cubicle. But unlike meerkats, software engineers are paid to look busy in their cubicles. Thus, they don’t have the luxury of standing outside their cubicle to see if their boss is coming their way.

This cool periscope, available on Amazon, gives software engineers an option to keep a watch on who is walking by without having to stand up or strain their necks! Your software engineer friend will thank you for the rest of his life in the cubicle.

2. Creative writing

This awesome creative writing book from a very foreign sounding author will be the most cherished wedding gift for any software engineer in India. For software engineers, creative writing is an important skill.

Indian Wedding Gifts

They need to be creative when writing their resume, when filling out self-appraisal forms or when providing a justification for delivering a poor verdict for their team member’s performance review or writing an email to a customer explaining the reasons for not delivering the code.

Indian culture values books and even has a Goddess of books (Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge). Hindus even worship books once a year! So no matter how foreign the author of the book may sound, all books are integral to Indian culture. This is a book that no software engineer can ignore.

3. Thanjavur dolls

One of the most important skill sets required by a software engineer in India is the ability to agree and strike a compromise on everything.

Software engineers are often given impossible deadlines to meet, need to deal with team members that don’t have any skill set required for the job or have to listen to endless lectures from the quality or process teams. They have also have to attend post-lunch training sessions regularly in a comatose state. All these situations demand a complete mastery of the head nodding technique.

These exquisite and authentic Indian dolls from Thanjavur have one great feature – they bob their heads! These dolls, when placed in a software engineer’s cubicle, can serve as a constant inspiration for software engineers to master their head nodding technique.

Indian wedding gifts4. Resume writing service

Resume writing is a skill that software engineers in India value much more than their coding skills. Their ability to write a compelling resume that can not only showcase their skillset but also convincingly describe in detail imaginary employers and the imaginary projects that they worked on, can make or break their career.

Just Google ‘resume writing service” and pick out a service provider that you fancy. Buy a yearly package from your favorite service provider and give it as a gift to your software engineer friend. Somebody said, “teach a man how to fish…”.


5. Season pass for Tirupathi

This is our all time favorite Indian gift. For software engineers, divine intervention is a key requirement for a successful career.

Indian wedding gifts

Here are some instances divine intervention is required and expected.

  1. Every time code updates happen.
  2. When a new team member is offered a job by another company.
  3. When an important team member submits the resignation letter.
  4. The day before your performance appraisal ratings is announced.
  5. Applying for a US visa.
  6. Every time you initiate a scope change order request.

Somebody said ‘God is everywhere’. But, he is definitely in Tirupathi and your software engineer needs a season pass to Tirumala.

6. Negotiations skills course

Tim Ferriss is a famous author and runs popular podcasts on iTunes. He provides awesome tips on everything from running businesses to fishing. If at all you want to learn the art of negotiations, you should check out Tim’s strategies. What’s interesting is that he has learnt a lot of lessons from Indians on the art of negotiations! His books will be a great gift. Here is why.


Indian Wedding Gifts

Software engineers need to learn about negotiations to be successful. They will have to negotiate their salary, negotiate their title, negotiate with their team members every day, negotiate with customers, and negotiate with their spouses for missing important events, anniversaries and birthdays!

7. Alarm clock that makes tea!

Indian Wedding Gifts

What if it’s not available in India? The Teasmade alarm clock is the gift made just for Indian software engineers.

When does a software engineer code at work?

The answer – ‘In between tea breaks!’

This clock not only tells a software engineer when to stop working but also makes a hot cup of tea right where they are! No more crowding at the canteen and never miss a tea break ever!

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