9 Proven Ways To Make A Pakistani Girl Fall In Love With An Indian Guy


Jodi Logik Minions are at it again. After a sterling response to questions like “What should I do to prepare myself for my first night as an Indian couple” and “I am bad with my phone, will I be good with my wife?“, we have now taken up an “international” question that deals with the hot topic of cross-border love.

What does it take to win the heart of a Pakistani girl if you are an Indian?

It takes a lot of courage and guts to fall in love. Dealing with angry parents, the threats of honor killing, the stigma associated with intercaste marriages, and lifelong bitterness are some of the possible challenges you might have to contend with when you fall in love. However, if you choose to fall in love with a Pakistani woman and you are an Indian, you are in for some big trouble!

However, our philosophy when it comes to love is “Never Say Die”. Embrace the following proven 9 techniques to make a Pakistani girl fall in love with you (an Indian).

Make her fall in love by supporting a Pakistani cause

Make a Pakistani gir fall in love with you by waving a Pakistani flag

Clench your fist and shout “Kashmir banega Pakistan” in front of her. Wear the Indian tricolor prominently on your chest.

Symbolically support Pakistan’s claim on all Indian rivers

Imahe of a river

Instead of sending flowers, send her a bucket of water taken from the rivers that India shares with Pakistan.

Express remorse for the cowardly actions of the Indian Army

Make a Pakistani girl to fall in love by praising the brave warriors of Pakistan

Apologize for all the wars that India initiated. Especially, call out the 1965 invasion by India that was bravely foiled by Pakistani warriors.

Embrace Islam

Convert to Islam

Convert to Islam right in front of her.

Embrace Islamic traditions

Image of Burka - Present a burka to make the Pakistani girl fall in love with you
Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons, Cc-by-sa-2.0-fr

Present a burka for Deepavali.

Become a devout Muslim

Grow a beard to make a Pakistani girl fall in love with you

Grow a scary beard – Like Hashim Amla of South Africa.

Break into a qawwali

Sing like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to make a Pakistani girl fall in love

Learn to speak in Urdu and compose a song that rivals those from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Start a social media war

Change your Facebbok profile pic to a Mughal king to make a Pakistani girl fall in love

Change your Facebook profile picture to one of the following – Babur or Mahmud of Ghazni.

Blame RAW if she doesn’t fall in love

Blame everything on RAW if your attempts to make the Pakistani girl fall in love with you fails
Photo: Martin Schoeller

If anyone opposes any of your moves, declare publicly that this is an RAW and Mossad conspiracy.

If you are wondering how easy we have made it for Indian men to get Pakistani women fall in love, you are welcome!

Another tip to seal the deal with your Pakistani sweetheart would be to create an impressive Jodi Logik profile.

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