17 Ways To Express Interest In Matrimony Sites To Get A Response


Express interest in matrimony sites

Wondering how to express Interest in a matrimony site?

If you are sweating buckets wondering how to express interest in a girl or boy you may come across in a matrimony site, welcome the club of nervous Indians!

Approaching a girl in a matrimony site or expressing interest for marriage can be a nerve-wracking experience for some of us. There are three simple reasons:

1. Indian men and women don’t have any experience in openly mingling with the other sex in search of love. That’s one of the reasons why dating is still an emerging concept in India and arranged marriages continue to be popular among the masses.

2. Approaching a girl or a boy requires confidence, experience, and cultural acceptance. Cultural acceptance is out of the question in most strata of the Indian society and in all other cases, confidence and experience may be lacking!

3. All along your parents made sure you never set your eyes on a girl or a boy. One fine day, when you have reached the mythical “marriageable age”, they want you to jump headlong into matrimony sites and find yourself a bride!

Matrimony sites have made it easy!

We reviewed some of the popular matrimony sites in India and discovered something very surprising! It’s actually very easy to express interest. Here is you send interest in Bharat Matrimony.

STEP 1: Look for the YES button and click on it.

Express interest in matrimony sites

STEP 2: You get a confirmation message that your express interest message has gone through. It’s almost as easy as swiping right on Tinder!

Express interest in matrimony sites

If expressing interest with someone you find on matrimony sites is so easy, what makes it so difficult?

The answer is simple.

Once you are done expressing interest by clicking on a button, the next step might actually involve sending a message or exchanging several messages before getting on the phone to talk!

Sending messages or talking on to someone who you think might be a good match for marriage can be awkward.

We put together 17 different ways to a matrimonial proposal message or express interest in matrimony sites. You could use this to send the message or have a phone chat with a prospective match for the first time.

Express Interest – Formal

Express interest in matrimonial sites

Here are a few examples of formal messages to express interest. These examples were written from the perspective of a man expressing interest in the profile of a woman found in a matrimony site.

Boy writing to a girl

1. Hello Ranjana, I stumbled on your matrimonial profile and I believe your profile might be suitable for me. I am a 30-year-old software professional based out of New Delhi and I signed up with Shadi only a few weeks ago. I really liked the fact that you believe in traditional Indian values and yet don’t mind embracing a modern lifestyle. Please review my profile and let me know if you are interested.

2. I am a 28-year-old Mechanical Engineer. I am based out of Chennai and come from an upper middle-class family. I am looking for a smart, career oriented woman with a good family background. I find that your profile meets my expectations and will be delighted if you can review my profile and get back to me with a response.

3. Vanitha, I reviewed your profile and wanted to set up a time to talk to you if you believe my profile is suitable for me. My father had created my profile last year and I will be happy to provide more information or answer any questions you may have before we move to the next step. Best Regards, Ravi.

Gender neutral express interest sample

4. I reviewed your profile and I think we might have a lot of compatible expectations. Please review my profile and let me know if you believe it would be worthwhile to have a phone conversation. I am based out of New York and I am usually available to talk during your mornings after 7 am. Look forward to hearing from you.

Do you want to create a compelling biodata for marriage? Read our in-depth guides on creating a biodata for marriage. Click here to download the guides.

Express Interest – Casual

Express interest in matrimony sites

Girl writing to a boy

5. Hey Raman, Good morning! I found your profile to be interesting and I would love to have a phone conversation with you. I am a down to earth person, professionally successful, well-educated woman, living in New Delhi. I am looking for someone with your background and look forward to talking to you. Drop me a line if you are interested.

6. Hi Vinod, I must admit, I was surprised to see your profile. In a sea of profiles created by parents, your profile stands out for sure. I am also one of the few people who believe in taking charge of the bridegroom hunt and not just be a passive participant. I am suspecting our thinking probably aligns well and I will be happy to talk to you to explore further. Ping me if you are interested.

7. Srinivas, It appears we seem to have over 95% match in terms of preferences and your photo keeps popping up every time I log into Bharatmatrimony! So I thought why not find out more about you and hence this message. Please take a loot at my profile and send me a note if you would like to talk further.

Boy writing to a girl

8. Hi Elizabeth, I checked out your profile and I am thoroughly impressed with your background. I am a born again Christian and also belong to the Catholic church. I am based out of Cochin and I am working as a Senior Manager at the Cochin Shipyard. I love playing the guitar and share the same love for gospel music you have listed in your interests. Do send me a note. God bless.

Express Interest – Humorous

How to say no to an arranged marriage proposal

When you express interest in matrimony sites, you don’t have to always be formal or serious. Especially, if you are writing to someone who has an informal profile description and has created the profile himself or herself, a humorous message will definitely get you a response.

Girl writing to a boy

9. Hi Rajesh, I am not sure if you have noticed, sending messages to random people on matrimony sites is more exciting than playing Russian roulette! I think I am feeling lucky when sending this message. Do write to me if you believe we are made for each other by just looking at my profile!

Gender neutral express interest sample

10. Signing up for a matrimony site was the last thing I hoped to do in my life. But the saleswoman from Jeevansathi was persuasive! Here I am writing to you wondering if I was actually taken for a ride with the 3-month e-value plan. But who knows what destiny is in store for us and I will be delighted to hear from you!

Boy writing to a girl

11. Hi there Sunitha, What’s it like in New Delhi? I am a thousand miles away, but your profile photo looks so pretty! I hope you find me handsome too and read about me and my illustrious family. I believe there is nothing that can stop you from writing back to me and look forward to hearing from you with hope. Of course, there could be just one villain in our story and that’s the horoscope!

12. Hello Taru, My parents always wanted me to marry someone who is conservative, religious, and willing to stay at home after marriage to take care of them! Being a dutiful son, I chose to ignore everything they asked me to do and I am writing to you. I love the fact that you have a modern outlook on life and focussed on your professional career. If you think I can make your shortlist, we will deal with my parents later! I was just kidding about my parents. Please write to me after reviewing my profile.

We created sample profile descriptions for modern Indians. Read these samples to improve your own profile! Click here to read the samples.

Express Interest to Parents or Siblings

Credit: India Picture / Shutterstock

As most matrimony profiles in traditional matrimony sites are written by a parent or a sibling, here are some sample messages that might be useful for a parent or a sibling using a matrimony site.

By Parent to another parent

13. Dear Madam, I reviewed the profile of your son and I believe he might be a good match for my daughter. She is 28 years old and working as a Manager in an MNC in Chandigarh. She is thoughtful, cultured and an affectionate person. I am a senior manager at ICICI and my wife is a homemaker. We have an older daughter who is married and settled in the US. Please review our daughter’s profile and do get back to me.

By sibling to a parent

14. Dear Madam, I came across the profile of your daughter. We are looking for an alliance for my brother who is a 30-year-old investment banker in Mumbai. He is well settled, comes from a cultured family, teetotaler and a straightforward person. I am his elder sister and I currently live in Mumbai with my husband and daughter. Can you please look up his profile and let me know if we can exchange horoscope for further matching? Regards, Sunitha.

By sibling to another sibling

15. Hello! Can you please review the profile of my brother and let me know if you will be interested in talking to us? I am the elder sister of Arun Kumar who is currently working as a consultant with KPMG in San Francisco. He is has a Master’s Degree from the University of Austin Texas and has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Mumbai. He is an extrovert, has a modern outlook on life, and yet values culture and traditions. I will be happy to share additional details if you are interested in his profile for your sister.

By parent to sibling

16. I reviewed the profile of your sister and wanted to find out if it is possible to talk to you. Please review my son’s profile and let me know your interest. We come from a conservative Ansari Sunni Muslim family from Allahabad. My son is well settled and employed in the UP State Government as an officer. He is religious and lives by the five tenets of Islam. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Expressing interest in modern matchmaking sites

Dating sites in India

If you have signed up for any of the contemporary matchmaking sites and you believe in one on one interaction (or a date) before bringing the parents into the equation, expressing interest for marriage might call for a slightly different approach. Here is an example.

17. I reviewed your profile and thrilled to learn that you are a Carnatic music aficionado. I am a huge fan of TM Krishna as well! I am sure you already know he is singing at the Music Academy next week and I happen to have an extra ticket. I hope you will join me on a musical date of sorts! To be frank with you, I really love your smile and liked that way you express yourself. I am pretty sure we will hit it off very well. If you would like, I will be happy to talk to you on the phone first before going on a date. Hope to hear from you soon!

Tips to review before you express interest in matrimony sites!

1. Please review the profile of the person carefully before expressing interest. Don’t “carpet bomb” with the hope of finding someone by chance.

2. The advantage of reviewing a profile carefully is that you can identify common areas of interest that you can call them out in the introductory message.

3. Try matching the tone and style of the profile description. If you find that the profile was created by the person interested in marriage and has well-crafted information about the person’s personality, interests and lifestyle, you can conclude that sending a stereotyped one line message or a grammatically incorrect messages (“Hey, let’s do friendship on Facebook”, “I am interested. Please tell me when I meet you.“) won’t get you anywhere.

4. Make sure you know who you are responding to. A majority of the profiles on matrimony sites are created by parents and siblings. Don’t send a flirtatious or humorous message to a parent!

5. If the profile is too good to be true, investigate the person further before disclosing personal information.

6. If you get a negative response to your proposal to talk or meet, just move on to the next person. Don’t take it seriously or ask for an explanation!

7. Learn from messages that people send you! Think about why you responded to a message on a matrimony site and what was the impression you had after reading a message. Use these experiences to your advantage when it is your turn to write.

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