The King Of Fruits Meets Amazing Art!


Mango drawingThe King of Fruits – Really?

It’s summer in India and it means only one thing. Everybody is going gaga over a fruit! Yes, we are talking about the king of fruits or the original king of good times (sorry Kingfisher!).

The king of fruits has had a lasting impact on what we eat. A simple Google search will throw up millions of recipes that involve the mango. You should believe us when we say there aren’t any Indian dishes left untouched without somebody deciding to add mango to it. Strangely, we are pretty sure they all taste good.

After a lot of head-scratching on how we can pay tribute to the king of fruits aka mangoes without boring everyone with our list of 10 awesome mango recipes, we chose on one aspect of mango nobody ever talks about i.e. it’s artistic influence!

The mango competes big time with the coconut and banana when it comes to the question of what is the most important fruit in India. You may think only the banana and the coconut finds a prime spot in all religious events and hence mangoes comes a distant third. But think again.

Unlike banana and coconut, mangoes are seasonal. However, for the short few months, mangoes make their presence felt. They have an overbearing influence on Indian culture through drawing, art, jewellery, and designs. That’s not all. Our appetite for a mango flavoured drink the year never wanes even when they are out of season!

Here are some interesting titbits that prove that mangoes have ruled us from the Vedic times and even Gods compete with one another for the coveted mango!

[su_quote cite=”Devika Bal” url=”,3020333&hl=en”]

Archaeologists discovered that people from the Indus Valley Civilisation wore mango shaped ear ornaments!

That’s not all, Hindu scriptures from 2000 BC tell of how a mango caused a serious rift between Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga and how this episode lead to the allegory of the fruit of wisdom in the words of Avvayar![/su_quote]

We concluded that the king of fruits deserves its place in an art gallery considering the impact it has had on our culture. Little did we realise that mango has captured the imagination of artists from around the world. Check this out for yourself.

Summer dreams are incomplete without the mangoes!

Indian summers and mangoes go hand in hand. Here is what Rachana Saurabh had to say about her visions of an Indian summer.

This painting is inspired by my dream. These days I am missing my childhood summer days badly. Summer vacation in India, Mango tree and lots of birds singing! A few weeks back when I called my Mom in India, I heard the sweet voice of a Cuckoo bird. And the same night I had this dream!

The king of fruits
Summer Dreams by Rachana Saurabh

Fruit meets art

What happens when a mango meets a chicken? They fell in love and had a baby! Don’t believe us? Here is what Celine Nieuwland, an artist from the Netherlands, came up with! You are a judge of whether this is the love child of a mango and a chicken or a mango and a dehusked coconut (or should we call this mangonut?)!

The King of Fruits
Fruit Meets Art By Celina Nieuwland

Watercolour mango in all its glory

This is a simple, yet amazing watercolour painting of a mango by Claudia Melchor del Rio from Germany. The painting shows the different shades of orange and red that are characteristic of a ripe mango, ready to be devoured!

The King of Fruits
Watercolor Mango By Claudia Melchor del Rio

Japanese dolls with a head of mangoes?

The Daruma doll (also known as the Dharma doll) is considered as a talisman of good luck in Japan. It is modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism. This Daruma doll from Mineya Daruma has pancakes and mangoes! No, this is not a typo.

The King of Fruits
Daruma Doll By Mineya Daruma

NSFW mangoes from Australia!

Just when you were scratching your head about the Daruma doll with mangoes, we came across this gem from Australia. Question – When you have a grocery market close to the Bondi beach, what happens to the produce? Answer – They start wearing bikinis and skimpy outfits! Check out this artwork from Steven Popovich. He created this for the Harris Farm Market.

The King of Fruits
Sexy Mangoes By Steven Popovich

Mango Man! Sorry, the Mango Girl!

The artist, Laxmidhar Rout, explains a rather strange event that led to his creation. A girl happens to go the “mango land”. There she eats so many mangoes, that she becomes a “mango girl”. She also listens to music with her mango headsets! We just guessed she is probably listening to “taste the mango….”.

The king of fruits
Mango Girl By Laxmidhar Rout

The metamorphosis of a mango!

Rishika Gambhir of New Delhi has put together thirteen handcrafted illustrations that show the growth of a mango. She demonstrates a keen sense of observation and of course her talent! Check out this gallery.

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Paisley and mangoes

Finally, mangoes are also closely linked to the paisley pattern that’s so popular with ladies in India when it comes to sarees. The paisley pattern has already made a leap away from clothing material to become a key part of wedding invitation cards and even cell phone cases! Here is an example of Paisley pattern used in greeting cards.

The King of Fruits
PenandFavor From Etsy

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