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Female Body Shapes

Female Body Shapes And How To Rock Your God-Given Gift!

Understanding female body shapes I'm in love with the shape of you We push and pull like a magnet do Although my heart is falling too I'm in love with your body... So goes the lyrics from the hit...
How to get fair skin

How To Get Fair Skin FAST Using Natural Remedies – The No Nonsense Guide!

Why do we prefer fair skin? India is obsessed with finding any and every answer to the question - "how to get fair skin fast permanently?". This fascination for fair skin is reflected in the size...
South Indian Bridal Makeup

South Indian Bridal Makeup: Essential Tips For Smart Women!

South Indian bridal makeup is a stressful affair South Indian bridal makeup is a high-stakes, stressful experience. Putting on the bridal makeup can test your patience and requires a lot of effort, help and sacrifices to...
Accessories for sarees

A Smart Woman’s Guide To Choosing Accessories For Sarees!

Accessories for sarees can improve your style quotient Accessories for sarees have a strange effect on people. Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape...
Grooming tips for women

Grooming Tips For Women To Rock Arranged Marriage First Meetings!

Common grooming mistakes women make Who said only Indian men are clueless when it comes to grooming? Grooming tips for women are just as valuable to the fairer sex in India! Forget the fashion-forward, style conscious,...
Personal Grooming Tips

11 Personal Grooming Tips For Clueless Indian Men

Why do Indian men need personal grooming tips? Indian men desperately need personal grooming tips! Just look around and you will see why we are crying hoarse about the need for Indian men to start...
Do women like bald men

Do Women Like Bald Men In Arranged Marriages?

Do women like bald men? Specifically, do women like bald men in India? Unfortunately, for anxious, balding, Indian men, this is a topic that has very limited or no answers. More specifically, the nation wants...