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Learn everything about arranged marriage, pros and cons of arranged marriages and the advantages and the disadvantages of arranged marriages.

Long-distance marriage

The Perils and Benefits Of Long-Distance Marriage For Indians!

Indians are embracing long-distance marriage! These days, the idea of a Long-distance marriage seems to be quite common in India. However, you will be hard pressed to find your grandparents or ancestors even imagine the idea...
Partner preference samples

3 Sins Of Writing Partner Description For Marriage

Ban these from partner description for matrimony One of the difficulties of creating a marriage biodata is to create something meaningful to express your partner preferences when writing the partner description for marriage. Most often than...
Grooming tips for women

Grooming Tips For Women To Rock Arranged Marriage First Meetings!

Common grooming mistakes women make Who said only Indian men are clueless when it comes to grooming? Grooming tips for women are just as valuable to the fairer sex in India! Forget the fashion-forward, style conscious,...
Family description samples

7 Family Description Samples For Your Matrimony Profile

Family description for matrimony profile - Why it is important? When it comes to arranged marriages in India, family description probably takes the centre stage in your marriage biodata or matrimony profile. There are many reasons...

14 Awesome Partner Preference Samples For Men & Women

Why Is It Difficult to Write Partner Preferences for Marriage? Writing about life partner preference for marriage is an art and a science. You need to have a good command of the language to make sure...
Love Marriage

Why Do Indian Parents Hate Love Marriage? Secrets Revealed!

Love Marriage is still an exception in India There very few epic stand-offs that rival that between Indian parents and love marriage! The broad understanding we all have (thanks to the constant diet of Bollywood...
Indian marriage customs

North Indian Marriage Customs: An Amazing Picture Tour

North Indian marriage customs are like fine wine! Elaborate, intricate and beautiful, a North Indian marriage is a celebration of all the wonderful things in life – families, friends, food, culture, religion, emotions and most...
Arranged marriage background check

Arranged Marriage Background Check: A Comprehensive Guide!

Arranged marriage background check explained To do or not to do an arranged marriage background check? That's the question we have answered in this post! There seems to be a growing awareness of the need to...
Red flags in arranged marriage

9 Effective Ways To Spot Red Flags In Arranged Marriages!

Red flags in arranged marriages The ability to spot red flags in arranged marriages can potentially help you avoid lifelong misery and get you closer to finding your soulmate. Spotting red flags in arranged marriages...
Indian wedding band

The Indian Wedding Band – Glorious Past, Uncertain Future!

The origins of the marching Indian wedding band The practice of hiring an Indian wedding band baja (baja roughly translates to a musical instrument) for marriages started in the 19th century according to the book Brass Baja: Stories...