Arranged Marriage

Learn everything about arranged marriage, pros and cons of arranged marriages and the advantages and the disadvantages of arranged marriages.

Image of an elderly couple with the caption "Our grandparents didn't begin their marriage with love. Instead, they were taught how to love". This seems to suugest that an arranged marriage lasts longer.

Falling In Love 30 Years After Arranged Marriage

Remember the movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button? Brad Pitt starts off as an old man and then progressively becomes younger. Well, successful arranged marriage unfold in a similar pattern. Two strangers get...
Image showing a female soldier in an obstacle course. It denotes the fact that extra effort pays off.

Why Is Your Personal Biodata For Marriage Important?

Here is why your personal biodata for marriage is important You may not think much about your personal biodata for marriage. If you agree, you should read the rest of this section carefully. Life if full...
Parents are unhappy about love marriage

9 Epic Arguments Against Arranged Marriage From a Frustrated Indian!

Looking for arguments against arranged marriage? Let's face it, we have our gripes against arranged marriages. We find a way to vent our feelings by rebelling against arranged marriage or sabotaging it deliberately. The...
Indian couple who chose love marriage

6 Surprising Arranged Marriage Facts and Statistics

Arranged marriage facts to dispel your doubts Arranged marriage facts and statistics are in short supply. In fact, myths about arranged marriages are more popular! One popular myth in western countries is that all arranged marriages...
Image showing Kasturba Gandhi with her hosts in Coimbatire, India

Kasturba – Portrait Of The Woman Behind Gandhi

It's October 2nd and school-going children all over India are thankful it falls on a weekday. On top of it, it's a Friday and that means a 3-day weekend. Gandhi Jayanthi (Gandhi's Birthday) is...
The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage – A Comprehensive Analysis

  Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage - Similarities & Differences The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate points to the changes in the way young people prefer to find their soulmate. This debate has been raging on...
Indian Bridal Mehndi Design

Biodata For Marriage Proposal – FREE Templates, Tips, Samples

Why is your biodata for marriage important? Your biodata for marriage is as important as a job resume. It performs three critical roles: 1. A marriage biodata communicates who you are and your background to a...