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We take a look at the unique aspects of being a bride. Everything from traditions, bridal dresses, weddings, rituals and social issues that affect women.

Nail Art Designs

17 Cool Nail Art Designs for the Indian Bride

History of nail art designs Nail art designs have a long history. In the book Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure, by Suzanne Shapiro, the author provides interesting insights on the history of nails...
Marrying a musician

Makeup Tips For Wheatish Complexion – Practical Tips & Video Tutorials!

Makeup Tips for Wheatish Complexion Makeup tips for wheatish complexion seem to be a popular topic in India. We investigated this a little more as there is no such word ('wheatish complexion') in the English dictionary. When...
Indian bridal sarees

5 Essential Indian Wedding Sarees You Should Know About

Indian wedding sarees are special Indian wedding sarees are the Rolls Royce of sarees! The saree is the world’s oldest, and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. The four to nine metres long...

Indian Bridal Blouse Designs – The Ultimate Guide For Smart Women!

Why you should pay attention Indian bridal blouse designs When you think of Indian weddings, you probably think about bridal saree designs and probably never really thought about Indian bridal blouse designs. Big mistake. If there was...
Animation showing a angry woman and a man behind her

17 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Indian Mother-In-Law

DISCLAIMER: No daughter-in-law was harmed when writing this blog post. Dedicated to all mother-in-laws of India. Christmas gift ideas can make or break relationships The first few years after marriage are exciting times indeed. You are...
Most beautiful Indian bride - Manipuri

7 Most Beautiful Indian Brides From Exotic Communities

Indian brides are known the world over for their colorful and elaborate makeup and dresses. In contemporary India, the most beautiful Indian brides will conjure up images of Bollywood actresses or supermodels dressed up...
Arranged marriage first meeting

The Quest For Arranged Marriage – Adventures Of A Single Woman

When we look at online discussion forums and social media, arranged marriage evokes strong reactions from both its supporters and detractors. There is a growing belief that the concept of arranged marriages has run...
Indian Bride Marrying Too Young

What is the average age of an Indian bride and why it matters?

The average age of an Indian bride compared to that of brides from other countries The age of an Indian bride is an important statistic that has serious implications for the general well-being of the...
Image of the bride with her father on the eve of her wedding.

What Every Bride Would Want To Say To Her Father

A girl's relationship with her father is truly special. And every bride who is on the cusp of becoming a wife will probably think about her relationship with her father on the eve of...