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Holi in India

Holi in India – A Stunning Instagram Tour!

Holi in India - A celebration of colours! Holi is a spring festival celebrated mostly by Hindus throughout India. Holi in India is probably the most exciting festival after Deepavali or Diwali considering the fact...
Dating sites in India

Dating Sites in India – What Women Should Know!

Dating sites in India are booming yet... Dating sites in India, just like other western influences, is fast catching up in India. ‘Online dating’ was something quite unheard of even a few years back. But...

15 Amazing Thali Meals From Every Corner of India

Thali - What's great about it? Thali is by far the most popular lunchtime meal in Indian restaurants. One of the most frustrating experiences in Indian restaurants is the fact that there are way too...
The History of Laddu

History Of Laddu – 5 Things You Probably Never Knew!

History of laddu in India The history of laddu in India dates back to several centuries and, even today, the laddu rules the roost when it comes to India's preference for sweets. The long history...
Indian wedding band

The Indian Wedding Band – Glorious Past, Uncertain Future!

The origins of the marching Indian wedding band The practice of hiring an Indian wedding band baja (baja roughly translates to a musical instrument) for marriages started in the 19th century according to the book Brass Baja: Stories...
Kolam Designs

Kolam Designs – 42 Patterns To Rock Any Occasion!

Kolam designs - A thriving tradition in India Every morning, millions of households across many states in India have one common ritual cutting across class and social divide. It is the tradition of decorating the...
Divorce in India

Divorce in India – Everything You Wanted To Know!

Divorce in India - Fast and furious growth! Divorce in India is no longer the rare breed of animal we get to hear about in a distant world. ‘Divorce’ or the big D word is...
Truck Art

15 Amazing Truck Art Photographs From India

Why is truck art popular in India? Shantanu Suman is a designer based out of North Carolina. He made a rather colorful documentary called Horn Please way back in 2013. This documentary has won worldwide recognition for...
Nail Art Designs

17 Cool Nail Art Designs for the Indian Bride

History of nail art designs Nail art designs have a long history. In the book Nails: The Story of the Modern Manicure, by Suzanne Shapiro, the author provides interesting insights on the history of nails...
Indian wedding gifts for Software Engineers

7 Indian Wedding Gifts For A Software Engineer

Indian wedding gifts for software engineers If you are invited to the wedding of a software engineer in India or elsewhere, you should read this blog post. We have done a scientific analysis on the...