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Cow artwork from Pinterest

15 Cow Artwork From Pinterest That Will Make You Go Moo!

Cow artwork from Pinterest Cow artwork? You might wonder what the hell it is and why we need cow artwork? In India, cows and bulls are treated with respect. This is because of several reasons: Cows are...
South Indian Wedding Feast

A Guide To Tackling The South Indian Wedding Feast

Let's start off with a quiz on South Indian wedding feast 1. What's the most important reason for attending a South Indian wedding? No prizes for guessing! It's the South Indian wedding feast. To hell with...
Average height of Indian men

Average Height Of Indian Men And Why It Matters To Women!

Average height of Indian men matters a lot for women The average age of Indian men is 165 cms according to a study in 2006 by National Institute of Nutrition, Indian council of Medical Research. Most...
Paintings on Indian culture

13 Paintings On Indian Culture That Will Blow You Away!

Paintings on Indian culture are no longer boring Raise your hands if you were born before the early 1980s and believe paintings on Indian culture are boring! For those that were born before the 80s, there...

Indian Bridal Blouse Designs – The Ultimate Guide For Smart Women!

Why you should pay attention Indian bridal blouse designs When you think of Indian weddings, you probably think about bridal saree designs and probably never really thought about Indian bridal blouse designs. Big mistake. If there was...
Animation showing a angry woman and a man behind her

17 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Indian Mother-In-Law

DISCLAIMER: No daughter-in-law was harmed when writing this blog post. Dedicated to all mother-in-laws of India. Christmas gift ideas can make or break relationships The first few years after marriage are exciting times indeed. You are...
Status of women in India

Status of Women in India – 13 Essential Facts You Should Know!

Confused about the status of women in India? The status of women in India is a classic example of one step forward and two steps back. As an outsider, you will find way too many contradictions...
Indian parents and daughters

Indian Parents and Daughters :17 Hilarious Pop Art Sketches

Indian parents and daughters have a love-hate relationship. There is no doubt that parents are always anxious about their daughter's safety and future, but the clash of generations and the clash of traditional values...

What Makes India Unique? 17 Photographs That Scream “India”

India is a vast place with mind-boggling diversity. The country has a long history and a colourful present. When we look for what makes Indian unique, there are way too many things that come to...

9 Proven Ways To Make A Pakistani Girl Fall In Love With An Indian...

Jodi Logik Minions are at it again. After a sterling response to questions like "What should I do to prepare myself for my first night as an Indian couple" and "I am bad with...