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Arranged marriage tips

Love Marriages In India – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

George Bernard Shaw had this to say about marriages. "When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that...
What makes India unique - Bollywood

How to Get over a Breakup and Move on in 31 Steps

What is a breakup? A breakup refers to the ending of a romantic and intimate relationship such as between dating couples or cohabiting couples. Relationship experts argue that because relationships outside marriage have limited social...
Wives and girlfriends of top athletes

Wives And Girlfriends Of 15 Top Sportsmen From Around The World

Just raise your hands if you aren't interested in learning about the wives and girlfriends of all the sports superstars we follow closely. If you indeed raised your hands (we are watching you), you...
Love and Romance: Images of Lovers in Rain

Love and Romance: Images That Will Make You Blush!

Images of love and romance will cause one of the following reactions: I wish I could have someone to hold on to! How lucky they are! You will either be jealous or feel sorry about...
How to stop your partner from snoring

How To Stop Your Partner From Snoring

We bet there are millions of men and women in India who will be interested in finding out how to stop their partner from snoring. Sleep is an important component of any relationship and...
Awesome Bollywood Fan Art

21 Awesome Bollywood Fan Art From Four Artists

We have lined up 21 awesome Bollywood fan art from four artists. Why Bollywood fan art and what's special about it? Bollywood fans are crazy and fanatical. Their craziness for their hero or heroine is...
Parents play an important role in arranged marriage

Your Parents Are Against Love Marriage? 7 Expert Tips To Convince Them!

If you are one of those countless young Indians grappling with questions like "Why are Indian parents against love marriage?" or "How to convince parents for love marriage?", look no further. We have lined...
How to find your soulmate through Jodi Logik

How To Find Your Soulmate: 7 Real Life Stories

Real people share their stories on how they found their soulmates We turned to quora to unearth personal accounts on how people found their partners. We love Quora because this is among the few places...
Instagram accounts for cat lovers

11 Cutest Instagram Accounts For Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers Are Unique Cat lovers are non-conformists. They are smart, keep an open mind, seek affection, are sensitive, prefer solitude and are less dominant. Their qualities include assertiveness, self-confidence, forcefulness, and persistence. Cat lovers are...
To find your soulmate, people do crazy things. Here is what George Clooney did.

How To Find Your Perfect Match – A Mathematician Explains

The things we do to find our perfect match People do extraordinary things to find their perfect match. Some of us become serial daters or reject marriage proposals as we are looking for that perfect...