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Learn everything about how to find love, love marriages, how famous personalities found love, compatibility in relationships, how to stay in love, and more.

Enthusiastic couples have lasting love

How To Stay In Love For A Lifetime? Experts Reveal Secrets!

Do couples stay in love forever? We are sure you followed some of the happenings in our neighboring country, Pakistan. No, we are not talking about terrorists and the antics of their government and their...
Love at first sight

Love At First Sight – The Power Of First Impression

We might have heard about the power of the first impression before. Be it falling in love with someone we just met, getting through a job interview, or winning a business deal, how good...
Animation from a Bollywood movie that depicts a girl running to catch a train with the help of her lover

How To Find Love In A Train – Bollywood Style

People find love in the unlikeliest of places. Some people find love in their office, some find love in college and some other find love through family and friends. Of late, lots of people...
Imapct of Internet and Social Media on Relationhips

Impact of Smartphones And Social Media On Your Relationship

Let's face it, you are most likely addicted to our Smartphones and your addiction has probably impacted your relationship with your family members and your significant other. Look around, you will see that there is a...

9 Proven Ways To Make A Pakistani Girl Fall In Love With An Indian...

Jodi Logik Minions are at it again. After a sterling response to questions like "What should I do to prepare myself for my first night as an Indian couple" and "I am bad with...
How to find love

How To Find Love? 9 Common Sense Tips You Cannot Ignore!

How to find love the right way? When single men or women suddenly find themselves attending their friend's marriages or baby showers, they often are left wondering how to find love and what keeps them single!...

Revealed – Barack Obama Love Story Before Michelle!

When we think of celebrities outside the realm of movies, we really don’t pay too much attention to their quest find the love of their lives. Most often than not, their spouse or partner...
Horror Love Story Movie Poster

21 Bollywood Horror Movies You Should Watch For A Halloween Date!

Bollywood horror movies don't seem to come anywhere close to the horrors depicted in Hollywood horror flicks or psychological thrillers. Recently, newspapers reported that an elderly gentleman died at a movie theater in South...
Image showing a man writing to depict how men find love.

This Idea Helped A Man Find Love

Finding love is an art and science. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy in pursuit of love. Some of us end up spending money on self-help books that guarantee surefire ways...
Image of Krishna and Radha - Finding Love in Ancient India

Finding Love in Ancient India – Radha and Krishna

Here is another eternal love story which, if repeated today, can land you in jail. We are bringing you the story of Radha and Krishna. This story gives you a lesson in finding love, i.e....