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Image showing impact of mobile phones on family and love

Love And Your Mobile Phone

Eric Pickersgill is the co-founder of The Gallery 145, a unique art swap event and Mall Pretzel, an online collection of contemporary and edgy photographs. He is a fine arts graduate from the University...
Image of an elderly couple with the caption "Our grandparents didn't begin their marriage with love. Instead, they were taught how to love". This seems to suugest that an arranged marriage lasts longer.

Falling In Love 30 Years After Arranged Marriage

Remember the movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button? Brad Pitt starts off as an old man and then progressively becomes younger. Well, successful arranged marriage unfold in a similar pattern. Two strangers get...
Image with the caption FInd Love Using The Passionate Love Scale

How To Find Love Using The Passionate Love Scale?

How to find love? A scientific approach Love is a difficult concept to measure. In your quest to find love, there is no objective way to know if you are truly passionate about someone that...

10 Commandments On Love For Indians

Sandhya Ramachandran, in this brilliant blog post, lists the 10 commandments of love applicable for Indians. Read on and prepare to laugh! This is a post for Dummies; a sort of ‘101’ or listicle if...
Image showing a horse and a female jockey sharing a carrot with the title "Food Lovers' Guide to Finding and Keeping Love"

How Smart Food Lovers Find Love – Secrets Revealed!

Food lovers live life the fullest Food lovers are known to do the craziest things possible to satisfy their passion. They will be the first ones to try new restaurants or try out adventurous and...