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Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography in India: An Expert Reveals Secrets!

Candid wedding photography - Say cheese no more! There is very little difference between your school warden and a wedding photographer. They are the ones who constantly bark orders to either fall in line or...
Indian marriage customs

North Indian Marriage Customs: An Amazing Picture Tour

North Indian marriage customs are like fine wine! Elaborate, intricate and beautiful, a North Indian marriage is a celebration of all the wonderful things in life – families, friends, food, culture, religion, emotions and most...
Marrying a divorced woman

Marrying A Divorced Woman In India – What Men Should Know!

Marrying a divorced woman is a big challenge in India The idea of marrying a divorced woman in India is riddled with social stigmas! While it is true that divorced women do get married in...

South Indian Bridal Sarees – Varieties, Draping Style, Trends, Buying Tips!

South Indian bridal sarees are popular for a reason! South Indian bridal sarees define the bride in any south Indian wedding. The saree colour may reflect any of the colours of the rainbow from violet to...
Indian wedding band

The Indian Wedding Band – Glorious Past, Uncertain Future!

The origins of the marching Indian wedding band The practice of hiring an Indian wedding band baja (baja roughly translates to a musical instrument) for marriages started in the 19th century according to the book Brass Baja: Stories...
Divorce in India

Divorce in India – Everything You Wanted To Know!

Divorce in India - Fast and furious growth! Divorce in India is no longer the rare breed of animal we get to hear about in a distant world. ‘Divorce’ or the big D word is...
Age difference in marriage

Age Difference in Marriage – Does it Really Matter?

What is considered an acceptable age difference in marriage? The answer depends on who you are - male or a female, and how you plan on getting married - marrying for love or arranged marriage. If...
Indian bridal mehndi designs

21 Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs And Tips To Rock Your Wedding Day!

History of bridal mehndi designs Indian bridal mehndi designs have a rich and storied history. Here are some extracts from an interesting article that provides in-depth information about the origins and the history of mehndi. The word ‘henna’...
arranged marriage stories

7 Handpicked Arranged Marriage Stories With A Twist!

Indian arranged marriage stories are awesome! The biggest myth that’s floating around is that there are no arranged marriage stories as arranged marriages are all boring. Nobody falls in love, there are no secret trysts, no...
Living with in-laws

Living With In-Laws After Marriage? The Survival Guide!

Living with in-laws after marriage is an old tradition In India, living with in-laws after marriage is a custom that women have to endure in many marriages even today. While it may work out well...