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Marrying a musician

Makeup Tips For Wheatish Complexion – Practical Tips & Video Tutorials!

Makeup Tips for Wheatish Complexion Makeup tips for wheatish complexion seem to be a popular topic in India. We investigated this a little more as there is no such word ('wheatish complexion') in the English dictionary. When...
Indian wedding gifts for Software Engineers

7 Indian Wedding Gifts For A Software Engineer

Indian wedding gifts for software engineers If you are invited to the wedding of a software engineer in India or elsewhere, you should read this blog post. We have done a scientific analysis on the...
South Indian Wedding Feast

A Guide To Tackling The South Indian Wedding Feast

Let's start off with a quiz on South Indian wedding feast 1. What's the most important reason for attending a South Indian wedding? No prizes for guessing! It's the South Indian wedding feast. To hell with...
Indian bridal sarees

5 Essential Indian Wedding Sarees You Should Know About

Indian wedding sarees are special Indian wedding sarees are the Rolls Royce of sarees! The saree is the world’s oldest, and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. The four to nine metres long...
Arranged marriage stories

Top 38 Matrimonial Sites in India With Price (Updated for 2020)

Directory of matrimonial sites in India If you just want a list of top matrimonial sites in India, here is the directory. We categorized the matrimonial sites based on region/community/ and religion. Scroll down to read...
Marrying a musician

Marrying A Musician? 7 Things You Should Know

Yes, there are rules for dating a musician! Now imagine what happens when you choose to marry one! Marrying a musician will eventually become common If you are in India and dating a musician, your parents...
sex life after marriage

Sex Life After Marriage in India – We Reveal Secrets!

Importance of sex in marriage Here is a simple quiz to get you started. What is the most popular thing in India that nobody ever talks about? It's sex. What's the most popular misconception in India? It's assuming that...
Arranged marriage tips

Love Marriages In India – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

George Bernard Shaw had this to say about marriages. "When two people are under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, they are required to swear that...
arranged marriage statistics

Arranged Marriage Tips From Experts – Stunning Facts Revealed!

Experts share amazing arranged marriage tips People looking for arranged marriage tips are confronted by a lack of information, false information, anecdotal incidents that draw broad conclusions based on personal experiences. In summary, any attempt to...

Indian Bridal Blouse Designs – The Ultimate Guide For Smart Women!

Why you should pay attention Indian bridal blouse designs When you think of Indian weddings, you probably think about bridal saree designs and probably never really thought about Indian bridal blouse designs. Big mistake. If there was...