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Image of Krishna and Radha - Finding Love in Ancient India

Finding Love in Ancient India – Radha and Krishna

Here is another eternal love story which, if repeated today, can land you in jail. We are bringing you the story of Radha and Krishna. This story gives you a lesson in finding love, i.e....
Image of Woman photographer in a snow storm

What You Should Know Before Marrying A Photographer

Marrying a photographer? if you are marrying a photographer, you will have to understand how they think, how they see the world, and how their passion for photography. Photographers have left a lasting legacy in our...
Image showing Sleeping Positions and Relationships through drawings

Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Really Mean!

Sleeping positions with partner Relationship experts and couple therapists have been having a go at your sleeping positions and what it means to your relationship. According to experts, your sleeping position with your partner could...
Indian couple who chose love marriage

6 Surprising Arranged Marriage Facts and Statistics

Arranged marriage facts to dispel your doubts Arranged marriage facts and statistics are in short supply. In fact, myths about arranged marriages are more popular! One popular myth in western countries is that all arranged marriages...
The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage – A Comprehensive Analysis

  Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage - Similarities & Differences The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate points to the changes in the way young people prefer to find their soulmate. This debate has been raging on...
First night

What Really Happens On The First Night of Marriage?

Every once in a while, Jodi Logik minions will put their busy day to day activities on hold to answer important questions that are critical to maintaining world peace and the well-being of humankind. These...