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Matrimony profile description

7 Matrimony Profile Description Samples For Modern Indians

What is a matrimony profile description? Matrimony profile description is a descriptive text that provides a summary about the person in terms of educational background, profession, personality, lifestyle, and hobbies. In addition, it may include...
Arranged marriage stories

Top 38 Matrimonial Sites in India With Price (Updated for 2020)

Directory of matrimonial sites in India If you just want a list of top matrimonial sites in India, here is the directory. We categorized the matrimonial sites based on region/community/ and religion. Scroll down to read...
Biodata for marriage for a divorced social activist

17 Tips To Take An Awesome Matrimonial Profile Photograph

If there is one that that majorly affects your chances of getting responses for your online matrimony profile, it is your matrimonial profile photograph. Here are some facts behind how important your matrimonial profile photograph...
Image of actress Nandita Das

India’s Obsession With Fair Skin And How You Can Fight It

If you are an Indian, born with a fair skin, you already have a huge advantage when compared to your relatively less fortunate brothers and sisters. Having a fair skin automatically gives you power...
Animation showing a man showing gratitude with folded hands.

When Kamal Haasan Signed Up For Online Matrimony Sites

After our wildly successful post on Rajinikanth’s views on the emotions that people go through when using a matrimony site, we have had immense demand from the masses for a similar post on Kamal...
7 Traps You Should Know About When Using Matrimony Sites

7 Traps That Await You In Matrimony Websites

According to the New York Times, India has more than 1500 matrimony websites for arranged marriage and their numbers are growing like wildfire! The reason or this growth in the number of matrimony websites...
Barbie Doll Representing a Stereotyped Matrimony Profile

Do You Have A Stereotyped Matrimony Profile? We Are Not Surprised!

Indians love a stereotyped matrimony profile! Open the 'Brides / Bridegrooms Wanted' section in your local newspaper or magazine or log into any online matrimony site to check out a matrimony profile, you are bound...
Image with the caption Why do Indians Use Matrimony Sites

Why Do Indians Use Matrimony Sites? 5 Surprising Facts Revealed!

Matrimony sites in India - A key facilitator for arranged marriages Matrimony sites are online portals that facilitate arranged marriage matchmaking for Indians and South Asian populations. These sites are used by individuals who want...
Image of Rajnikanth with the caption "When Rajnikanth Signed Up for Online Matrimony Sites"

When Rajnikanth Signed Up For Online Matrimony Sites

Matrimony sites are big business in India. According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the online matrimony business is estimated to be Rs.1650 crores in size by 2017. A lot of us have firsthand...
Image showing an UFO landing on earth with the caption "9 signs that it's time to create your biodata for marriage."

9 Signs That Tell You Are Ready For A Matrimonial Biodata

We all reach a certain point in our lives where we need to start getting serious about marriage even though we might not be totally ready for it. And the first and foremost step...