15 Cow Artwork From Pinterest That Will Make You Go Moo!


Cow artwork from PinterestCow artwork from Pinterest

Cow artwork? You might wonder what the hell it is and why we need cow artwork?

In India, cows and bulls are treated with respect. This is because of several reasons:

Cows are considered to be a provider of life and sustenance for human beings. Cows give milk, their dung is used as a fuel for cooking, their urine is considered to be a disinfectant. Milk is also used to prepare ghee which is used in Hindu religious rituals.

Even now, bulls are used in India for ploughing the field and irrigation. Hence, they are considered as sacred as their lives are directly tied to the fortunes of a farmer.

According to the Hindu religion,

To the Hindu, the cow symbolizes all other creatures. The cow is a symbol of the Earth, the nourisher, the ever-giving, undemanding provider. The cow represents life and the sustenance of life. The cow is so generous, taking nothing but water, grass and grain. It gives and gives its milk, as does the liberated soul give of his spiritual knowledge. The cow is vital to life, the virtual sustainer of life, for many humans. The cow is a symbol of grace and abundance. Veneration of the cow instils in Hindus the virtues of gentleness, receptivity and connectedness with nature.”

The cow is also a sustainable animal if it is not killed for its meat. People were encouraged to refrain from slaughtering cows as the adverse impact it had on resources such as water.

Because of these reasons, cow artwork is seen as a symbol of importance these docile creatures are in the lives of Indians.

We scoured Pinterest to get you the best cow artwork we could find!

1. Olivia Fraser

Olivia Fraser first came to India in 1989 and had her first show in Delhi in 1991. Following in the footsteps of her ancestor, James Baillie Fraser who painted India, its monuments and landscape in the early 1800s, Olivia set out to continue where her ancestor had left off, painting the architecture of India and its people. She also happens to be the wife of William Dalrymple. Here are some of her cow artwork.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

Cow artwork from Pinterest

Cow artwork from Pinterest

2. StoryLTD collections

StoryLTD is an online e-commerce platform that sells select fine art, antiquities, jewelry and designer furniture from a curated list of Indian artists.We picked a couple of cow artwork from two different artists on StoryLTD.

Krishna with Cows from Suvigua Sharma is an exquisite artwork that’s done on antique stamp paper with 24 carat gold! They are expensive and brings together Indian and Europen styles.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

Amit Ambalal was a businessman who gave up everything, including his ancestral home. for the sake of plunging into painting full time. It’s the color, design, and texture that gives his paintings the light and easy mood.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

This Gond painting from Kaushal Prasad Tekam highlights the Gonds’ belief that everything in nature is inhabited by spirits and they need to be appeased with sacrifices. Gond paintings are created on the walls of their dwellings and besides being decorative, they are expressions of their religious beliefs and sentiments. The themes are closely linked with their daily lives and depict their local festivals and Gods, as well as objects and creatures present around them.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

3. Mahadeo Karande

Mahadeo Karande’s artwork is about the majestic bulls and buffaloes. Here you will see them sparring. The Jallikattu controversy has its roots in the old tradition of bullfighting among rural communities in India. Karande’s paintings reflect these traditions.

Cow artwork on Pinterest

Cow artwork on Pinterest

4. Ramesh Gujar

There is very little information available about Ramesh Gujar and literally let his artwork speak for himself! His exquisite paintings and his unique style shine through in this portrayal of Krishna and his cow.

Cow Artwork on Pinterest

5. Nivas Kanhere

Nivas Kanhere is an artist based out of Pune. He studies at the renowned JJ School of Arts and has won several awards and competitions around India. In this artwork on canvas, he depicts a realistic scene that many of us have seen in villages, towns and cities across India.

Cow artwork on Pinterest

6. Iruvan Karunakaran

Karunakaran’s paintings on street scenes from south India are realistic. In this painting, he depicts the “boom boom maadu” or a performing ox. This is a dying art form that involves trained oxen in colorful dresses performing to commands by its trainers.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

Cow artwork from Pinterest

7.Vivek Kumavat

Vivek Kumavat is a Mumbai based artist. He has created different variations of the majestic bull. Here is one of his paintings.

Cow artwork from Pinterest

8 Digamber Gavali

Digamber Gavali art is unique and his works are rich in allegory and intriguing in the symbols they use. The buffalo is a delightful combination of modernity with colors.

Cow artwork on Pinterest

9. Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr is an illustrator and artist from London. He creates illustrations for children’s books from around the world. His work reflects the deep local knowledge and a sense of playfulness. Here is his illustration

cow artwork from Pinterest

A big shout out to Lesley J Jackson of Scotland for curating the awesome cow artwork from India.

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