Do Women Like Bald Men In Arranged Marriages?


Do women like bald men?

Do women like bald men? Specifically, do women like bald men in India? Unfortunately, for anxious, balding, Indian men, this is a topic that has very limited or no answers. More specifically, the nation wants to know – do women like bald men in arranged marriages?

This is the question that all unmarried men planning to go through an arranged marriage have in their minds and causes extreme anxiety if men realize that their hair no longer finds their head an attractive place to settle down and put down roots literally!

Indian men have a strange obsession with hairstyles

The relationship between Indian men, their hair, and their comb is sacred. As soon as Indian boys start noticing girls around them, they start taking their hair seriously. They may not wear proper clothes or use deodorant, but every boy and man in India carry a comb that slides into the back pocket of the trouser.Do women like bald men

At every available opportunity, men will comb their hair. Here are few instances.

  1. When they see their reflection on a storefront glass window.
  2. At the washroom of a restaurant.
  3. Whenever they see their reflection on their cellphone screen.

As you can see, Indian men are obsessed with their comb and their hair. They get really upset when they lose one of their obsessions. You can always replace a comb, but curing baldness is expensive and takes a toll on every bald Indian man’s emotions!

As we always do, we set about compiling responses from Indian woman on the question of how attractive they think bald men are in an arranged marriage setting.

Would you marry a guy who is going bald in an arranged marriage?

This is a popular question on Quora and has 25 responses already from Indian men and women. We decided to look at the hard numbers first in terms of responses from women.

Do women like bald men?

This question was raised by a woman in India going through arranged marriage. You will notice a couple of things:

  1. This woman gets turned off by bald men.
  2. She is worried about bad sex life as a consequence of using medications to cure his baldness.

Here is a conclusive answer to anyone who thinks that bald men are not virile or have low testosterone! Consultant trichologist Carole Michaelides from the Philip Kingsley Clinic explains: “Testosterone levels are exactly the same in bald men as in those who aren’t losing their hair.” Source – The Art of Balding.

If you are a bald man and reading this question, you think the world has suddenly become cruel and you have no chance of marrying a woman through arranged marriage. But wait, we have more bad news for you.

We counted the responses for women for this question and here is how they tally:

Question: Is balding unattractive in arranged marriages

Women that advised the person to go ahead with the marriage: 2

Passive-aggressive responses in support of the marrying a man who is going bald: 1

Women that advised the person NOT to marry a man who is going bald: 6

66% of the women that responded to the question recommended that she should decline the balding guy!

Granted the sample size is way too small, but this is as objective as we could afford to get! Should we conclude that the answer to the question “do women like bald men?” is a resounding NO!

Wait, there is more to this question. Read on.

Do women like bald men? Experts answer!

We decided to look at results of proper scientific studies on the topic of women’s preference for men and how men’s attractiveness to women change because of baldness. The findings from these studies have some interesting clues to answer the question “Do women like bald men?”

Here are the findings.

1. Women don’t always agree on attractivenessDo women like bald men

Dustin Wood, Department of Psychology, Wake Forest University spearheaded a research on the differences between men and women when it comes to mate selection. The researchers showed 98 photographs to 4000 men and women and asked to record if they found the photos attractive or unattractive in a 10-point scale.

If you are a bald man planning to go through arranged marriage, you should be encouraged by the results of this study.

The study found that while there was a high consensus among men about which women were considered attractive, the opposite was not true. There was greater disagreement among women on which male was attractive!

Also, women in the study attached lower importance to physical features when compared to men but confidence was rated highly.

Moral of the story – When you start looking at a larger sample size, your bald head may actually be considered sexy by some women you may stumble upon through the arranged marriage process. As long as you are confident, your baldness shouldn’t mean the end of the world for men as far as arranged marriage is concerned!

2. How you groom your head when going bald matters

Albert E Manns, a former lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, conducted an interesting study on how bald men are perceived. Manns conducted three different surveys to understand how shaved head in men changes perception.

In the first study, he had 58 women were asked to rate 25 men on various parameters that included dominance, physical strength, age, and attractiveness. 10 of the 25 men shown had a shaved head. The result was that women rated men with shaved heads to be more dominant!

The other two studies also pointed out to one conclusion – women considered men with shaved heads to be more powerful or dominant. However, if you have a naturally thinning hair, your are considered unattractive.

Moral of the story: If you are naturally balding, it might be a good idea to shave your head. If you have the courage to celebrate your baldness it can take away your insecurities about other people noticing your bald patch and make you feel more confident. Greater confidence will help you attract women!

3. If you are going bald, don’t grow a beard!

Do women like bald menMichael Wogalter from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Judith Hosie, University of Aberdeen conducted a study way back in 1992 about going bald, growing a beard and its impact on attractiveness. Titled – The Effects of Cranial and Facial Hair on Perceptions of Age and Person.The results of this study will bring a smile to your face if you are going bald!

Male faces with less cranial hair (hair on the head) were perceived to be more intelligent and older. The researchers concluded that if you have less hair on your head, it is a sign of advancing age, and thus also a sign of greater life experiences and intelligence! Not having a head full of hair also did not alter how attractive or sociable you were perceived to be!

The study also found that growing a beard did not get favorable responses.

Moral of the story: If you are going bald, a clean shaven look i.e no beard will make sure you don’t hurt your chances with women! This is true even if you are not going bald 🙂

7 Tips for bald men going through arranged marriage

The question – do women like bald men?, is actually not relevant. What is relevant is how you can deal with your baldness. Follow these tips if you are going bald and planning to start bride hunting through arranged marriage.

Tip 1 – Embrace your baldness: Don’t try to hide it. Comb-overs and weird hairstyles can go haywire under a gust of wind or powerful ceiling fan! Your pathetic attempts to hide an open secret will only turn women off.

Tip 2 – Clean shaven look is better: A clean shaven look (facial hair) should work better than a bald head and a thick beard. This is is the same conclusion researchers also came to. Go ahead trim your hair close or shave it. You will feel liberated!

Tip 3 – You probably hate your baldness more: Bald men or balding men probably hate their looks more than how other perceive their baldness. This can bring down your confidence and thus hurt your chances in finding a match. Be confident. You are worth more than the hair you lost. Don’t take rejections seriously. With every rejection, you are getting closer to finding the girl of your dreams.

Tip 4 – Dress well: Forget your hair (pun intended), just dress well. Wear good clothes, accessories, and take care of your nails! This is true for everyone and a must for bald men looking to get married.

Tip 5 – Be upfront in your marriage biodata: If you are already bald, don’t go out of the way to hide it at any point during the arranged marriage process. It is definitely not required to call out baldness in your marriage biodata. Let the photographs speak for themselves. Don’t send photographs wearing hats as this will only focus people’s attention on your head even if you are not bald.

Tip 6 – Draw inspiration from famous bald guys: Famous personalities, politicians, and celebrities are bald. Remember Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Virendra Sehwag, Mahatma Gandhi, Anupam Kher and the list is endless! Clearly, your personality cannot become a slave to your baldness.

Tip 7 – It’s OK to seek treatment for baldness: Men should treat baldness like a minor vision defect. If you are shortsighted, you wear spectacles to correct it. For baldness, there are medical cures as well as transplant options. There is no shame in seeking a treatment. If you have already gone through a treatment for baldness or going through one, don’t hide this information and disclose this when your interaction with a prospective match gets serious.

Bonus Tip – Check out this video from a grooming expert on how to handle hair loss.

Our recommendation for men with thinning hair or a bald head is to first accept your situation and do your best to look good and project confidence instead of scratching your head wondering if women like bald men!

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