Finding Love in Ancient India – Radha and Krishna

Image of Krishna and Radha - Finding Love in Ancient India

Here is another eternal love story which, if repeated today, can land you in jail. We are bringing you the story of Radha and Krishna. This story gives you a lesson in finding love, i.e. through pure devotion and commitment. The only danger being, you might be committed to the wrong person!

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Radha’s love for Krishna and what It means

The love story of Radha and Krishna is certainly one of the most enduring and immortal of all. This love story contains all the ingredients which could have made it the most disapproved affair.

Radha and Krishna grew up in neighbouring hamlets. Even though Radha was promised to someone else her love for Krishna reigned supreme in her being. Often neglecting the calls of duty she used to rush to be with Krishna.

Image of Rukmini, Krishna, Satyabhama and Garuda

Krishna on his part after leaving Vrindavan almost never came to meet Radha. He married Rukmini and Satyabhama, yet Radha’s whole being was infused with the love for Krishna. In my view, this eternal love legend conveys that facts and statistics of a love story might be totally against the accepted social norms but it’s the purity of emotions, the transcendental quality of love which makes it worthy of devotion and reverence.

Radha’s love for Krishna is akin to soul’s longing to be ultimately submerged in the divine self. And Krishna, the incarnation of God, through his deeds and actions made it clear to the world what does Radha mean to him. He, the supreme Lord is subservient to her, to her selfless love.

Radha, by surrendering herself totally to Krishna, glorified how one should give in to love and Krishna, by reciprocating equally, conveyed how the lover too should yield to the beloved’s devotion. On an earthly level, we may conclude that there should be no ego between a loving couple.

"Krishna and Rukmini ride away in a chariot" by Chore Bagan Art Studio ( - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -
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