How Smart Food Lovers Find Love – Secrets Revealed!


Food lovers

Food lovers live life the fullest

Food lovers are known to do the craziest things possible to satisfy their passion. They will be the first ones to try new restaurants or try out adventurous and sometimes weird food items that “normal” people will frown upon.

People think that food lovers are crazy. Just check out this video and you will get the idea!

Food lovers a savour every moment of their lives and use food as a means to carry forward age old traditions and reaffirm their pride in their cultural roots which are primarily based on food.

We don’t have to point out that all nations and cultures create their own identity through food. There are special dishes we prepare during festivals and holidays, the five-course meal we prepare to welcome special guests or the basic food we feed our loved ones when they fall sick.

Food Lovers are opinionated

Food lovers have a unique perspective of places and things around them based on food! They associate some places with fond memories because they had something wonderful to eat while they may despise other places because their taste buds did not agree!

Zomato created a map of India according to a Delhi foodie and it is truly hilarious!

Food Lovers
Via Zomato

Food and love are bedfellows

That’s not all. Food is also one of the biggest contributors to people falling in love. There are heartwarming stories of how food brings people together and not so great attempts at finding love via food. Heck, even Whole Foods Market (one of the coolest supermarkets in the US) believes in this approach.

The only real competition food has in the matters of finding love is from the auntie network! The auntie network is more fanatical than Greenpeace when it comes to getting single people married. But seriously, food is the best unifying factor when it comes to relationships.

But seriously, food is the best unifying factor when it comes to relationships. Dr.Helen Fisher, a renowned biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of Why We Love, says

Certain foods can have a more subtle yet still significant impact on how amorous you’re feeling.” It is obvious that food is an important ingredient when you are preparing to “cook” a relationship. But, we are not going to talk about preparing the right food to find love. Instead, let’s look at our behaviour around food that is as important as eating the right food!

Talking of behaviour around food, you should read this hilarious blog post on tackling the South Indian wedding feast. Click here to read this quirky article.

Indians are food lovers by default!

Finally, to drive home the point that every Indian is indeed a food lover even if you are not a card-carrying “foodie” with an Instagram account to prove your credentials, we have lined up a few fun facts.

Food Lovers

1. Food is an integral part of our wedding rituals. Coconut, ghee, rice, sweets are just some of the items that stop being mere ingredients or food items!

2. The love for “desi” food has resulted in a unique trend among non-resident Indians (NRIs) and that’s called a potluck, one of the most popular weekend activities among NRIs.

3. You will find that Indians don’t hesitate to share food. When you travel in trains or any other mode of transportation, sharing food with your fellow traveller is common.

4. Arranged marriage first meetings have known to go south because the girl did not have the right skills to make food items that meet the standards defined by the boy’s parents!

5. Indians are secular by nature and that’s because they love food no matter who makes it. Just ask Hindus and Christians who wait for Ramzan drooling at the possibility of getting invited for a feast at their Muslin friend’s homes.

Here is a personal anecdote that shows how people who are not food lovers change for the sake of love!

Natasha, recalls the time when her mother would insist on her learning to cook, to help her survive when she lived alone or with her future husband.

“I tried cooking, but it never really turned out well. But after I fell in love, I noticed a sea change in my culinary skills. I wanted to show my boyfriend how much I loved him, and the only way I could think of expressing it was through food,” she says.

Food and your first date

Food lovers

The problem with food lovers is that we place a little extra importance on food. If food is a make or break deal for you, don’t go to your favourite restaurant for your first date. That’s because chances are your date’s opinion about the food you ordered will assume greater significance than learning about each other!

Don’t believe us? Read what Reader’s Digest said about ‘food and first dates‘. Trust us, this is as good as betting your house and car before you even roll your dice! That’s a lot of unwanted pressure to be in at the very first date.

Be it the first meeting with a boy or a girl that your parents arranged for you or a first date, it’s all about having a conversation and not hating each other. You’ll slowly start liking each other and being okay with each other’s choices. So, no food date or taking them to your favourite places. First dates are best when they happen at a neutral place where you are less likely to trample on each other’s egos.

Falling in love over food, one plate at a time

food lovers

Well, if food matters to you (we are sure it does!), it probably matters to your potential date too. You didn’t think you are the only one with a choice and an opinion, did you?

It’s a wise strategy not to assume your date’s preferences and choices when it comes to food. Make an effort to find out what he or she likes to eat and their preferences. This can be done by asking them directly (like on the coffee date we suggested) or by stalking them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Taking some extra effort in what your date would be interested in shows consideration and earns you extra brownie points. So be nice and take into consideration what your date might like before you reserve a table.

The mere act of placing your date’s preferences ahead of yours also demonstrates your selflessness and your considerate nature. That’s one more point in your favour. If your date reciprocates your consideration by trying food items that she may have tried before or previously thought were not fit for consumption, you probably have a keeper!

Food is a saviour when dealing with future in-laws!

food lovers

When meeting family member (or friends) of your love interest, make sure you do it in a café or restaurant so that you can use food to deal with awkward silences. Food also comes in handy to start a new conversation when you run out of topics. And somehow, being around food brings out the food tales that everyone loves to share.

If you are going to their home, take a box of doughnuts or sweets or cookies with you. Everyone appreciates a visitor that brings shows such sweetness.

Animation showing a woman asking for the food to be brought to her table.

Didn’t you like it when some distant uncle brought some chocolates whenever they visited you? Yeah, that part of us never grows up.

Your behaviour around food predicts your life ahead

Food lovers

Going on dates or even taking your spouse on dates immediately after marriage is a given and being a food lover, a restaurant is probably always in the plan for your date night. It’s important to be prepared for all eventualities. It’s always a great idea to let your partner know that it’s your favourite restaurant so that they know not to say harsh words. Also, don’t raise their expectations about your restaurant to a level that the food cannot match.

If you are being taken to your partner’s favourite place, always be gentle and honest about your opinions. If you don’t like it, lay it down gently. Don’t be mean or rude. Instead, try to look for the things that you like. Food bonds people, yes and this is one of the crucial moments that decides if you have the ability to bond for the long term!

Ready to write your own ‘food’ love story?

Food invokes a primal reaction among us that goes well beyond satisfying our hunger. Food is strongly connected to memories, places, people and hence love.

Off all the food quotes, we love this food quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw.

Fool lovers

The growing culture of eating out, online food magazines that promote unique cuisine and restaurant review apps point to a thriving food scene and an equally vibrant community of food lovers in India.

If you are looking to find a soulmate who also happens to be a foodie, you have plenty of options to find that special someone.

1. Join the local foodie meetup in your city.

Food lovers
Meetups are a great way to connect with fellow foodies!

2. Join cooking classes! We bet there are plenty of them in your city.

Food lovers
Join cooking classes to meet like minded people.

3. Get active in restaurant review sites and Facebook groups. You never know who you will meet!

Contributing the foodie community is a great way to develop a "fan" following!
Contributing the foodie community is a great way to develop a “fan” following!

4. Food lovers love social media. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, Quora or Facebook, food lovers are everywhere! Make sure you are where they are!

Food lovers
Social media is the home turf for food lovers.

A key to finding your soulmate is to not become desperate and expect every interaction to turn into a love story! Just focus on your passion, i.e your love for food and let love happen naturally.

Food is a saviour when it comes to breaking the ice and meeting people. When you are about to start a new relationship, be sure to bank on your love for food. But, also be mindful of how you use food in your quest to seal the deal.

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