Holi in India – A Stunning Instagram Tour!


Holi in India

Holi in India – A celebration of colours!

Holi is a spring festival celebrated mostly by Hindus throughout India. Holi in India is probably the most exciting festival after Deepavali or Diwali considering the fact that firecrackers are mostly absent during Holi!

Here are some fun facts about Holi in India

Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon (in the Hindu month of Phalguna) in early March.

Why is Holi celebrated? Holi in India is a celebration of spring and a great excuse to indulge in merry-making!

Holi is probably the least religious of Hindu festivals. Anybody can join in.

Here is an interesting history of Holi. This ritual is based on the story of Krishna and Radha – Krishna’s mother asked the blue-skinned Krishna to colour Radha’s face in any colour, and they became a couple. It is also commemorated as the festival of love.

Holi is spread out over 2 days. It used to be 5 days. In some places, it is even longer!

It is observed in Nepal, India and other regions of the world with a sizeable Hindu population.

Holi celebrations start the night before Holi with a Holika bonfire, where people sing, dance and party.

Some of the popular Holi delicacies are Gujiya, Mathri, and Malpua.

The morning after the celebrations is a free-for-all carnival of colours, where participants play and chase each other with dry powder and coloured water.

Holi in India is the only time men are allowed to throw colours and drench women in water! Did anyone say India is a conservative society?

Did you know that Bhang, an intoxicating ingredient made from cannabis leaves, is mixed into sweets and drinks and consumed by many people?

Holi also has cultural significance to end and rid oneself of past errors and to end conflicts by meeting others; a day to forgive and forget.

We scoured Instagram to get hold of the most colourful and stunning images of Holi. Get ready for a riot of colour!

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The ramparts and ledges on top of the courtyard are filled with people with massive baskets of dry colour and rose petals. Handfuls are thrown on the revelers below and soon the entire temple is in a colourful haze of fine coloured powder. The chequered marble floor is no longer visible as the murky coloured water knee deep fills the courtyard. The pandemonium continues for hours and by the afternoon the throngs begin to make their way out of the temple. What is left looks like the aftermath of a riot mixed with a hurricane. Clothing and slippers float on the fast draining water, children continue to slip and slide on the wet marble floor, the priests shout at them and try to get them to leave but to no avail. #holi, #barsana, #colour, #holifestival, #festival, #india, #masses, #people, #festivalofcolour. Image shot in 2012 #nikon, #spring

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