How To Stop Your Partner From Snoring

How to stop your partner from snoring
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We bet there are millions of men and women in India who will be interested in finding out how to stop their partner from snoring. Sleep is an important component of any relationship and the lack of proper sleep can potentially derail your relationship.

Stopping your partner from snoring can improve the quality of your life

In developed countries, there is a growing awareness about the importance of sleep.
The National Sleep Foundation (We are not kidding. Check out their website here.) conducts annual surveys on how America sleeps! Called the Sleep In America Poll, their comprehensive annual survey aims to educate the public about how sleep impacts our lives and also promotes better sleeping habits.

According to Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, “In a recent “Sleep in America” telephone poll of more than 1000 adults, sixty-seven percent of the sample who were married or live with someone reported that their bed-partner snores, and more than half of those who snore say this disturbs the sleep of others. Thirty-one percent who live with someone respond that, because of a sleep problem they, or their partner, sleep in a separate bedroom or use earplugs.”

Most major cities in the developed countries also band overhead flights from nearby airports after 9 pm so that the planes taking off and landing don’t create a racket! Here is a screenshot from the website operated by the Toronto Pearson Airport. They have enforced a curfew period in the night for limiting airport landings and takeoffs and they take it seriously. There is even a telephone number for filing complaints or reporting such incidents online. There are also guidelines provided to aircraft that take off or land in the airport in order to minimise noise.

Airport guidelines for noise.

While all of us in India agree with the idea that sleep is important, we are frustrated with the mosquitoes, power cuts, and noise pollution that prevent us from having a good night’s sleep. Add TV and smartphones to this mix of nuisances, and we have a major problem on hand.

Infographics on how to stop your partner from snoring

A mattress company in the UK has come up with an informative infographics that educates couples on the different reasons for snoring, provides a comprehensive list of solutions that can help solve the problem and also provides some out-of-the-box solutions. Who knew playing the Didgeridoo. Check out this cool infographics. Remember, a couple that sleeps together stays together. So don’t let snoring come between your relationship!

stop your partner from snoring

What is the most annoying sleeping habit of your partner?

Check out this infographics on sleeping positions, sleeping duration and most importantly, annoying sleeping habits of your partner. Guess what’s the most annoying sleeping habit of your partner? You guessed it right – It’s snoring!

How to stop your partner from snoring

Tell us your snoring stories and what you did to solve the problem. Add your comments below.

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