Indian Bridal Blouse Designs – The Ultimate Guide For Smart Women!


Indian bridal blouse designsWhy you should pay attention Indian bridal blouse designs

When you think of Indian weddings, you probably think about bridal saree designs and probably never really thought about Indian bridal blouse designs.

Big mistake.

If there was one accessory to the bridal saree that can make or break your wedding day, it is the Indian bridal blouse.

One wrong move in choosing from the array of traditional blouse designs and designer blouse patterns could ruin your style quotient.

Wondering what happens when you end up with the wrong bridal blouse for your wedding?

Your blouse completely covers up the beautiful mehndi on your forearms because you thought having a long-sleeved blouse is cool.

You are probably cooking yourself alive with the heavy blouse material while sitting for three hours in front of the holy fire.

You just realised that the skin-tight design and fitting doesn’t allow you to lift your arms to put a garland on the groom.

With a proper choice of blouse design, the bride can make her style statement and look like a princess.

Indian bridal blouse designs – What’s right for me?

To choose the right bridal blouse for your wedding saree, you need to thoroughly plan each and every aspect of the Indian bridal blouse design right from the material, style, colour, and stitching style.

Here is a three-step process for selecting the right bridal blouse design for your wedding day.

Step 1: Choosing the right blouse material

Wedding seasons dictate the choice of the blouse material. In winters, the material needs to be warm to provide cosiness whereas in summers it needs to breathe or allow air circulation.

Also, in the case of Hindu weddings, your wedding blouse should tolerate the high temperatures of the sacred fire and withstand the pulls and tugs of the many rituals you will have to go through such as the prostrating before elders, exchanging garlands and some crazy wedding games that your relatives might want you to go through.

Banarasi brocade, crepe, chiffon, silk velvet, net and even satin are the popular choices for Indian bridal blouse designs.

For a winter wedding, Banarasi brocade, silk, velvet and satin are the ideal choices. On the other hand, for a summer wedding, crepe, chiffon, net and satin are the best bet for designer blouses.

Step 2: Colour of the blouse

After deciding on the material of the blouse, the next step is to decide the colour of the designer blouse. Ideally, the colour of the blouse should highlight the sari and also work well with the heavy jewellery that’s typical of Indian weddings.

You can choose to go for a fully matching look with the saree and the blouse of the same colour.South Indian Bridal Sarees

Alternatively, you can choose contrasting colours for the blouse and the saree. Remember to use the colour wheel to choose contrasting blouse colour that works well with your bridal saree.

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Chennai Silks

For the traditional red bridal sari, you could pick up blouses in golden, green and yellow colours for a contrasting look.

Whereas, for saris in pink, yellow, orange shades, you can get blouses of purple, red and pink shades, respectively.

Step 3: Blouse fitting for your body type

The focus in Indian weddings is on the bride and how well she carries herself. Her weight is also a source of attention for all the guests. So, the fit of the blouse should hide the flab if you are a plus sized bride or show off the slim waist if you are a slim or well-toned bride.

For a Plus-size fit, the design of the blouse should cover the flabby arms/broad shoulders and other problem areas. Boatneck shaped blouses is a good bet for a Plus-size fit.

Indian bridal blouse designs

For a Medium-size fit, the bride should choose between U-Shaped blouses, Princess-cut and Square-neck blouses (as shown below).

Indian bridal blouse design
Via Craftsvilla

For a Slim-fit, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Halter-necks, off-shoulder, knotted blouses and even sheer ones!

Indian wedding blouse designs
Via Cran’s Chicago Wedding Photography

South Indian Bridal Blouse Designs

Considering the fact that traditional South Indian weddings always require the bride to wear a saree for the wedding ceremony, South Indian bridal blouse designs definitely form a key component of the bridal dress in South India.

Indian wedding sarees
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South Indian bridal blouse designs usually have shades of gold as its the preferred choice for saree borders, blouses and even thread embroidery.

Here are 10 handpicked South Indian bridal wedding blouse designs and styles you should consider for your wedding.

1. Kundan work blouse

Indian wedding blouse designs

The Kundan style of bridal blouse embroidery designs, with the multi-hued stones, have their own fan following and is one of the most popular Indian bridal blouse designs.

Kundan work blouse with heavy stone detailing is a great choice as a bridal blouse. This form of design originated as a design style for jewellery and has now found a place even with fabrics.

It suits all kinds of body structures and is the best choice for the wedding reception.

Additionally, it can also be re-used after the wedding as they go well with simple chiffon saris for an elegant look.

2. Cut work blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Shopzters

The cutwork blouse is ideal for brides with a petite/slim frame. Plus-sized brides should avoid the cutwork blouse, especially if the cutwork exposes the skin.

Cutwork blouse works best in contrasting shades of the bridal sari. It adds a touch of elegance to the sari and highlights all the colours.

Cutwork can be limited to the edges of the blouse or can take over the entire back side of the blouse depending on your taste or price point.

The style of cutwork can be matched to the intricate saree borders that you will find in popular South Indian bridal sarees such as the Kanchipuram saree.

Did you know that the cut work technique originated in Italy in the 14th century? Read about it here.

3. Puff Sleeves Blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs

The gorgeous Puff sleeves with a golden border definitely add an old world charm to the bridal sari and this design style has its own special place among Indian bridal blouse designs.

They come in a variety of styles – basic puff sleeves, puff sleeves with border, puff sleeves with elbow length or even full-length hands. You can also get the borders of the puff sleeves decorated with Silk Ribbon Embroidery for added elegance.

If you are adventurous you can even go with sheer puff sleeves stitched with your brocade blouse and pair it with your Kanjivaram or Banaras silk saree.

4. Elbows embroidered blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via VRK Silks

Among South Indian wedding blouse designs, the bridal blouse with the embroidered elbows holds a special place of importance as it suits brides of all body types.

Using embroidery in a bridal blouse that extends all the way to the elbows keeps the blouse in the spotlight and adds sparkle to the entire bridal outfit.

You can choose any kind of embroideries like Kantha, Zardosi or even the Aari work to enrich your look. You can read up about the different styles of embroidery here.

Just make sure the bridal saree is not too heavy in terms of design or patterns when you choose a blouse with embroidery extending up to the elbows.

5. Round cut out back blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs

Round cut out back bridal blouses have the back portion cut out in the shape of a circle.

The boundaries of the cut out portion are adorned with intricate embroidery in Kundan, Zardozi or Maggam styles for a gorgeous look.

Another option would be to consider using stonework Dori on the back of the blouse that not only helps to keep the blouse in place but it also adds to the beauty of the blouse.

6. Bridal blouse with artistic sleeves

Artistic asymmetric sleeves blouse design
Via Pinterest

The style and the length of the bridal blouse sleeves can have a profound effect on the overall look of the blouse.

Asymmetrical sleeves with an artistic touch can make the blushing bride stand out! The sleeves are not like the typical sleeves with the linear boundary. Instead, they are asymmetrical and follow the curved pattern of the design.

You can have an ornate peacock tail embroidered on your sleeves and the boundary of the sleeves corresponds to the ornate tail in an artistic manner. Or the design of a flower can be embroidered on the sleeve and each and every petal can be etched out on the sleeve for enhanced beauty.

7. Gold thread Maggam embroidery work blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Pinterest

Maggam embroidery work with gold threads can beautify any wedding blouse and is definitely an option worth considering for a South Indian bridal blouse.

The intricate patterns and designs are created using school of embroidering technique that involves stretching the fabric using a frame called Maggam. It is believed that the Maggam style embroidery enjoyed the patronage of the Mughal emperors.

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8. Sleeves with tassels

Indian bridal blouse design

If the bride wants to create a unique look for her wedding then she should definitely opt for blouse sleeves with tassels.

Tassels are typically made as an extension of the blouse material. For your wedding blouse, you could consider using ornate tassels with stones or beads in them.

If you have already purchased your South Indian bridal blouse without the tassel, you could just buy the tassels separately and then add them to your blouse!

The gentle swaying of the tassels definitely adds charm to your bridal outfit.

9. Heavy embroidery work blouse


If you want a touch of indulgence and class to your bridal outfit then you should go in for the heavily embroidered bridal blouse.

It goes well with bridal sarees with a border and some motifs in the body of the saree. The heavy embroidered work blouse is ideally suited for receptions and other post-wedding parties.

Furthermore, wedding blouse embroidery designs can either be in contrasting colours or in the actual shades, which are present in the wedding saree. You can have the blouse embroidered in various styles such as with the Aari work, Zardosi work or even mirror work.

Additionally, the embroidered blouses can also be re-used as a blouse for plain chiffon and crepe sarees, later on.

10. Kerala bridal blouse designs

Kerala is one of the most diverse states in India and has a good mix of Christians, Muslims and Hindus. All of these religions have their own wedding cultures, traditions, and bridal dresses.

Christian Kerala brides are unique as most often than not, they opt for a church wedding with different types of the veil. Hence, the bridal blouse should not be too jazzy or blingy so as to steal the limelight from the beauty of the moment.

Indian bridal blouse designs
Simple Yet Elegant Christian Kerala Blouse Via Pinterest

In general, bridal blouses are in white and shades of ivory with dull gold borders or simple thread embroidery.

Hindu brides in Kerala opt for silk Kasavu sarees, which are typically white/ivory with golden borders. It is believed that Kasavu sarees probably originated around the Buddhist era!

Indian bridal blouse designs
Traditional Kasavu Saree With Gold Bordered Blouse Via Pinterest

The sheer simplicity of the saree is a sight to behold when the bride adorns it with flowers in her hair and heavy bridal gold jewellery.

Hence, bridal blouse designs for the Kasavu saree must also be simple and elegant in the tones of ivory and gold. Brides can add some added charm to it with golden tassels, doris, and some embroidery on the back panel and the sleeves.

Muslim brides in Kerala like to stick to their traditions and opt for various bridal dresses during the course of the marriage ceremony – typically, a Gharara, Sharara and maybe even a saree for the reception.

Indian bridal blouse designs
Muslim Bridal Blouse Via Pinterest

Irrespective of what they wear, bridal blouse are typically long and come up to the waist. The sleeves are also long and cover the elbows in the traditional way.

The blouses are adorned with golden heavy borders, puff sleeves and heavy Zardosi embroidery.

Bridal blouse designs for silk sarees

Be it Kanchipuram silk saree or a Benaras silk saree, choosing the right bridal blouse designs for your silk saree is important. We lined up 3 Indian bridal blouse designs that pair very well with any bridal silk saree you may fancy.

1. Mesh-detailed back blouse designIndian bridal blouse designs

The mesh-detailed back blouse has a very different and unique look compared to other traditional Indian blouse designs.

The back of the blouse is scooped out and a mesh of contrasting colour is added. This is a great way to show a bit of skin without offending traditions.

However, a word of caution – it needs to be worn with a saree which does not have too many colours or heavy designs to keep the focus on the blouse.

2. Backless dori tie-up bridal blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Pinterest

The backless dori tie-up bridal blouse is slowly making its inroads into the inventory of South Indian bridal blouse designs due to its novelty value.

This blouse is completely backless and just has two or three dories to tie in order to keep the blouse in place at the top and the bottom.

The dories have beautiful stone/Kundan or tassels, which make the blouse all the more gorgeous.

You can also synchronise your jewellery with the tassels for a more cohesive look.

3. Overlapping sleeves bridal blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Cbazaar

This is one of the latest South Indian bridal blouse designs and it suits all those silk saris, which have a double border.

The bride can easily showcase both the borders in all their glory with the overlapping sleeves. Kanchipuram silk sarees are famous for their double borders and this is just the perfect blouse for them.

What’s more, it suits brides of all types of frames and works well with the traditional wedding jewellery as well.

Did you know that the Kanchipuram silk sarees are made by the master weavers, who can trace back their lineage to Sage Markada, who weaved clothes for the Gods?

South Indian Bridal Sarees
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Contemporary bridal blouse designs

Fun-loving brides want to add their own sense of style and make a statement with their bridal ensemble.

Here is a list of 23 Indian bridal blouse designs along with interesting information on the material. Where relevant, we have also included information on how to care for your blouse with proper washing instructions!

1. Zari vinesIndian bridal blouse designs

In this Indian bridal blouse design, delicate Zardozi embroidery borders this blouse with a large back cutout. To add more charm, some gorgeous gold lotus bud motifs are beautifully detailed with zari in both silver and gold for a contrasting look.

Zari needs a lot of care to maintain its shine. It should be stored after wrapping it in muslin or a soft cotton dhoti.

You can wash them in mild soapy water, rinse well and dry in the shade immediately. Alternatively, you can wipe the embroidery with a damp cloth and dry it under the fan.

2. Wrap blouse

This Indian bridal blouse design is accented with metallic borders and expert zari work. Moreover, the gold zari work adds a regal brocade element, which makes it drool-worthy.

The wrap-around blouse that ties over the choli shows a bit of skin and the solid pink bow that pops up on the blouse grounds the look and makes it wearable.

Hand-washing is the best way to clean wrap blouses especially if they are made of silk. Use lukewarm water and mild, non-alkaline soap. While rinsing, add white vinegar to the water to remove soap residue. Or, add a few drops of hair conditioner finally for an extra silky feel. Do not wring or twist – roll in a towel to extract water.

3. Velvet bodysuitIndian bridal blouse designs

A black net body suit with a multicoloured stone and beadwork encrusted bustier pairs well with a plain, light-colored chiffon saree. The advantage of the body-suit is that it fits true to size.

There are different types of velvet fabrics and each has its own special way to clean it. Some velvet fabrics like knit velvet or fine velvet with plain weave need dry cleaning.

On the other hand, crushed velvet can be machine washed. Always, store your velvet bodysuit horizontally in your closet.

4. Transparent sleevesIndian bridal blouse designs

Blouses with sheer transparent sleeves that carry a little bit of embroidery and bling are a great way to extend the blouse design and create a sense of coherence.

The gorgeous transparent cloth on the sleeve naturally draws attention and can carry design elements from the saree or the blouse to maintain coherence.

A classy combination is net blouses with full sleeves. A high-collar full sleeved blouse adds a definite elegance to the Indian bridal blouse designs.

Alternatively, net blouses look great when they are half-sleeved as well, just as long as they are designed right with some beautiful embroidery work on them.

5. Sweetheart cut and princess sleeves

This Indian bridal blouse design features a heart–shaped opening for the back and princess cut sleeves for the shoulders. This is the perfect fit for broad-shouldered brides as it distracts the attention away from the problem areas.

Furthermore, the elegant embroidery patterns on the neck, back and the sleeves add a sense of style and class to the designer blouse. These neck styles are very versatile and are easily used on almost all types of fabric such as silk, brocade, satin and net.

6. Spiderweb saree blouseIndian bridal blouse designs

These intricate strips of fabric mimic the weave of a spider’s web. The spider web cut you see below is a big hit if you are a Spiderman or Spider-Woman fan! Who said Indian bridal blouse designs cannot satisfy comic fans?

This type of Spiderman saree designer blouse is the best choice at the pre-wedding and post-wedding parties. They appeal to all the brides who want a modern twist in their traditional attires.

7. Barely there – Sheer blouse

This sheer blouse perfectly complements the light-colored saree and can be worn at a party, or a night on town. Just make sure your inner garments cover all the right places at strategic locations. Somebody said there is a thin line between being fashionable or getting embarrassed!

With the sheer fabric, Indian bridal blouse designs certainly push the cultural boundaries!

It is a good choice for brides who are fashionable and don’t mind some extra attention. These type of designer blouses are just perfect for cocktail parties and receptions.

8. Scalloped-edge window blouseIndian bridal blouse designs

The thought of a sexy saree blouse conjures up the image of a lace-curtained blouse or scalloped edge lace creating a window neckline. Somehow, lace and sexy goes hand in hand.

Similarly, a saree blouse made with lace which has linings only at the front torso (chest down) with no back lining looks very sexy.

Lace blouses are delicate. Hence, you can wash lace blouses in the washing machine using the gentle wash cycle and mild detergent. Make sure the blouse is placed inside out in the washing machine. Also, don’t use the dryer or iron.

9. Princess cut blouse designIndian bridal blouse designs

The princess cut blouse satisfies traditionalists as well as contemporary aficionados. Remember, Indian brides are constantly juggling solicited and unsolicited opinions from aunties and distant relatives that have sprung out from the woodwork.

The Princess cut blouse design is very traditional in each and every sense but at the same time, it shows off the beauty of the bride to the hilt.

10. Oriental crop jacket blouseIndian bridal blouse designs

This Indian bridal blouse design entails a vest-like jacket, which is yet another way to add a certain bling and beauty to your saree. It works better if the oriental crop jacket has a good amount of mirror or gold or thread work on it.

For the oriental crop jacket to stand out, make sure that the saree hasn’t got too much of heavy work on it so that it can complement the saree beautifully. On the other hand, if the sari and the blouse both are heavily embroidered then they will clash with each other.

11. Mughal cut out blouseIndian bridal blouse designs

This Indian bridal blouse design (see below) features a gold coloured full-sleeved blouse with a cutout panel reminiscent of the Mughal era entryway. It is paired with a matching saree or a lehenga choli.

By far, the closest authentic Mughal era women’s dress is the Peshwaz. The only difference is that the Peshwaz is not a blouse and it runs all the way down to the ankles.

12. Lehenga with a twistIndian bridal blouse designs

Lehenga is the Indian version of a bridal skirt, which is usually embroidered and pleated. Ideally, the Lehenga is worn with a blouse or choli.

However, what happens when you decide to get married in the winter? Designer Suneet Verma has come to your rescue with his long coat design. Yes, your blouse is a long coat.

As Indian brides are made to sit in front of the fire for the extended duration of time and hence, this design is ideal only for the reception or parties. Who said Indian bridal blouse designs cannot be modern and yet remain traditional?

13. Keyhole BlouseIndian bridal blouse designs

In this blouse design, the backlines are seen in the form of a keyhole image, in a centre hollow portion at the front or back. It is a simple slit at the centre line. Moreover, the split is usually secured at its top with a hook and eye, or loop and button.

While the drop shape is more popular, there are other shapes such as oval, round or diamond. On the other hand, designers are modifying the shape but at the same time, they are keeping the hollowness as a creative blouse feature.

14. Jacket BlouseIndian bridlal blouse designs

A short jacket that has sleeves reaching up to 3/4th length is a classic combination of tradition and modernity. Choose a short jacket that reaches only up to your waist for it to serve its purpose.

While keeping the look simple, short jacket blouses work well in adding that little bit of bling and class to your saree attire.

In fact, we recommend this for the wedding reception if you want to go toe to toe with your man in a suit! The advantage of this design is that you can wear this for your office parties as well later.

15. Indian overcoatIndian bridal blouse designs

This bridal blouse design is effective when you want to cover your blouse without the need of a saree pallu, or if you want to drape the saree pallu differently. This is similar to the traditional Indian vest that men wear in North India.

Moreover, the vest can serve as a contrast to the dress and also provides a visual break or focus point. In addition, you can also sync with the groom and choose a colour, which also matches with his attire.

16. Gota blouse workIndian bridal blouse designs

This Indian bridal blouse design is not decidedly ornate with Swarovski crystals and gems, nor is it totally bland. Gold lame and delicate embroidery are woven into the blouse, which beautifies the Indian bridal blouse design to a new level.

For cleaning the Gota blouse, you need to soak it in a tub cold water with mild detergent. Leave it in for about 10 minutes. Then soak it in a tub of clean, cold water.

Do not wring, instead, just dab the cloth on a flat surface with a dry cloth to remove the water. Finally, line dry in a cool place.

17. Full sleeves crop jacketIndian bridal blouse designs

There are innumerable ways to add that zing to your saree and one of them is wearing it with a jacket style blouse! In fact, it is a style, which is in vogue lately, because adding a jacket to your saree can add class to your saree attire.

A full-sleeved and a collared jacket will up the style quotient of your saree. Consequently, this type of designer blouse should be your choice if adding elegance to your attire is what you want your jacket to do.

18. Double layered sari blouse jacket comboIndian bridal blouse designs

Long jackets that reach up to the knees, which were popular back in the 40’s and the 50’s are one way to add some class to your saree while also bringing in some old world charm to your attire.

For this reason, use shiny silk jackets or jackets with hand woven fabric for the attire to look at its very best. Along with making you look classy, it can also protect you from the cold!

According to the Silk Association of Britain, normally silk is best hand-washed with a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Rinse well, and then roll in a towel to squeeze out surplus moisture and then hang to dry.

19. Deep veeIndian bridal blouse designs

Your back will look oh so sexy in this blouse with a deep V cut out. This is an ideal design for a summer wedding in India as you will need plenty of air under the harsh camera lights.

These blouses are also pocket-friendly as any regular tailor will be willing to make them. In fact, you can team them with heavy saris and make them the focus point easily. They are the best bet for post-wedding parties.

20. Boucle blouseIndian bridal blouse designs

The fabric of the boucle blouse really sets saris apart. Coco Chanel popularised the boucle fabric. In French, Boucle means “curl” and it the boucle blouse contains loose curls in tight circles.

This type of blouse works well in winters as it’s thick and soft texture will keep you warm and cosy in front of the holy fire.

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean the Boucle blouses. In between, you can use a soft bristled cloth brush every time you use the blouse. For more information about boucle, check out this informative site.

21. Embroidery and beadsIndian bridal blouse designs

Understandably, this style evokes a blend of sophistication and style and it is a great choice for brides who are professionally successful.

The seamless combination of lace and silk based blouse makes it a perfect wear for receptions and post marriage parties.

The best way to wash these blouses is to soak them in soap water upside down and then wash them gently. If you have beads and stones, make sure you never put the blouse in the machine even if you plan on using the gentle wash cycle.

22. Bridal blouse stone work designs

Indian bridal blouse designs

Indian bridal blouse designs with stone work lend some jazz to the traditional blouse patterns with the shiny stones and intricate embroidery.

The chunky stones complement the design and work well with heavy silk sarees as well as handloom saris.

In fact, bridal blouse with stone work designs works well with sarees that have traditional patterns and motifs.

Dry-cleaning is the ideal way to maintain the delicate beauty of a bridal blouse with stone work.

23. Hand designed bridal blouse

Indian bridal blouse designs
Via Pinterest

Would you like a touch of fairytale romance to your wedding dress? Indian bridal blouse designs with custom hand designs can make your dream come true. You could choose any combination of styles, embroidery, stones to craft a one of a kind look.

A mild detergent can clean these exemplary hand designed bridal blouses at home with ease. Dry them in the folds of a towel and do not expose to direct sunlight.

24. Bridal blouse designs by Manish MalhotraIndian bridal blouse designs

Manish Malhotra is a well-known designer his Indian bridal blouse designs speak for themselves. His designer blouses elevate the look of the wedding saree and the price you pay for a Manish Malhotra design is worth it as you can use the blouses for cocktail parties for a few more years after your wedding.

Furthermore, Indian brides can carry off this stylish and modern Manish Malhotra bridal blouse with a huge Polki neckpiece or some heavy Kundan jewellery.

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