Indian Bridal Dresses Inspired By Disney Princesses


Indian bridal sareesIndian bridal dresses as imagined by Disney!

Indian bridal dresses are gorgeous and breathtaking. If you think they cannot get any better, think again!

The wonderful folks at Amrit Photography decided to reimagine Disney characters, specifically princesses as Indian brides. The result was an incredible photo shoot that was first published in South Asian Bride Magazine.

We have reproduced these photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Snow White as Indian bride

Here is how Disney portrays Snow White.

Image of Disney's Snow White

and here is the reimagined Snow White as an Indian bride.

Image showing Snow White as Indian Bride

Presenting the desi Sleeping Beauty

Here is how Disney portrays Sleeping Beauty.

Image showing Disney's Sleeping Beauty

And here is Sleeping Beauty in a wedding dress.

Image showing Sleeping Beauty as Indian Bride

Rapunzel as the bride from a shampoo ad?

Here is Rapunzel according to Disney.

Image of Rapunzel

Now let’s add the Rapunzel style to the already long list of Indian bridal dresses!

Image showing Rapunzel as Indian Bride

Pocahontas, the Indian!

Here is Pocahontas from Disney.

Image of Disney's Pocahontas

And here is Pocahontas dressed as Indian bride. Wait, she is also an Indian!

Image showing Pocahontas as Indian Bride

Mulan as the Chindian bride?

Here is Mulan according to Disney.

Image showing Disney's Mulan

And here is Mulan dressed as a royal bride.

Image showing Mulan as Indian Bride

Jasmine as Indian bride

Here is Princess Jasmine according to Disney.

Image showing Disney's Jasmine

And here is Princess Jasmine dressed as a traditional Indian bride. Probably among the closest (in terms of style) to Indian bridal dresses.

Indian bridal dresses

Cinderella with an Indian twist

Here is Disney’s Cinderella.

Image of Disney's Cinderella

And here is the Indian Cinderella.

Indian bridal dresses

Belle as Indian bride

Here is Disney’s Belle.

Image showing Disney's Belle

And here is the reimagined Belle.

Image showing Belle as Indian Bride

Ariel (Not the soap!)

Here is Disney’s Ariel.

Ariel_disneyAnd here is Ariel reimagined. We think this outfit is probably more suitable for an item number in Bollywood!

Image showing Ariel as Indian Bride

If you seriously looking for Indian bridal dress ideas, we recommend you browse Indian bridal dresses by Manish Malhotra on Pinterest.

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