7 Insider Tips To Get More Responses For Your Jeevansathi Profile


Jeevansathi ProfileWhy Should You Create Your Jeevansathi Profile?

Jeevansathi is counted among the big 3 matrimonial sites in India. The company is the third-largest matrimony site and has over 8.5 million cumulative profiles (2017 figure) in its database.

On average, about 2400 new Jeevansathi profiles are created every day and is a testimony to the popularity of this site.

Although there is no data on how many of these Jeevansathi profiles are currently active, you will find a large selection of matrimonial profiles on this site irrespective of your religion or community.

Arguably, Jeevsansathi has the best user interface among the top matrimonial sites. The site is easy to navigate and the profiles are aesthetically organised for easy browsing and shortlisting.

The cost of upgrading your Jeevansathi profile is the lowest among the top matrimonial sites. The company continues to invest money in attracting new customers and converting existing free members to paid membership plans. This is a great opportunity to make use of.

As always, every matrimony site has its strengths in terms of the size of the profile database of different communities. Jeevansathi has a large selection of profiles from North India and comes second or third in other regions such as South Indian states or Western states. The only way you will know if Jeevansathi is the right matrimony site for you is by creating a Jeevansathi profile!

Check out the Jodi Logik Popularity Score for Jeevansathi here.

Before you read about Jeevansathi, watch this short video to find out what mistakes you should avoid when creating a matrimony profile.

Essential steps to create your Jeevansathi profile

Creating a Jeevansathi profile is easy. Follow these steps to create your profile.

From their homepage, click on the “Register Free” button to fill out a simple form to get started.

Jeevansathi Registration

You have the option to hide your name from other Jeevansathi members. Just click on the gear icon in the text box where you type your name and choose the option to hide your name if you value your privacy.

Remember, if you hide your name from other users, you will not be able to view the names of other Jeevansathi members.

Jeevansathi anonymous mode

Complete other details such as mother tongue, religion, caste, sub-caste, location, height, marital status.

Jeevansathi registration form

Finally, on the last screen, add details about your highest degree, annual income, and occupation. You are also asked to add some details about personality and interests here.

The guidelines recommended by Jeevansathi for writing your profile description are as below:

1. How would you describe yourself?
2. What kind of food/movies/books/music do you like?
3. Do you enjoy activities like travelling, music, sports, etc?
4. Where have you lived most of your life till now?
5. Where do you wish to settle down in the future?

In addition, Jeevansathi reminds you not to reveal your name in your profile description and call out beliefs, goals and hobbies.

Introduce yourself (don’t mention your name). Write about your values, beliefs/goals and aspirations. How would you describe yourself? Your interests and hobbies.

A minimum of 100 characters is needed to complete this form and your description of yourself is screened by Jeevansathi team.

Jodi Logik Tip

Jodi Logik recommends this template for writing about yourself. Our templates are tested and proven to work!

Follow this template to write about yourself.
Vital Stats – height, weight, body type etc.
Where you work and what you do for a living.
Your passion/hobbies. Please be specific. If you love movies, indicate what type of movies and probably your favourite movie of all.
Your personality and your personal goals.
A couple of lines about your immediate family, what they do and your family values.
Any other important fact that you would like to disclose (divorced, health condition if any).

Need samples to copy? click here to read realistic about myself samples for matrimony profiles and click here to read samples to describe your family.

Once you complete your registration, your profile is qued for screening and is activated within 24 hours.

You now have the option to add details about your family. You have the option to fill this form or leave it for later.

Jeevansathi Family Details Form

Finally, your phone number and email need verification. This is an important step needed to activate your Jeevansathi profile.

That’s it your basic Jeevansathi profile is all done!

You will get an email notification once the verification is done and your profile will be visible to other Jeevansathi members.

Don’t just stop here. Your Jeevansathi profile is still incomplete and will not attract the right people. Follow these 7 insider tips to get the most out of your Jeevansathi profile.

1. Rock your profile photo

You can upload your multiple profile photographs (up to 20 photos) from your computer or even from your Facebook account.

Jeevansathi will watermark your photo and other users will not be able to download the photo by tapping on it or using the “save image as” option on mouse right-click. However, anyone can take a screenshot of your photo and that’s where the watermark comes into play.

Jeevansathi profile photo

You can control who can see your profile photo on Jeevansathi. Remember to select “Visible ONLY to those you have accepted or expressed interest in” option under “Photos visible to” if you don’t want your photo to be visible to all Jeevansathi members.

Jeevansathi highlights two important points based on user behaviour.

1. Your chances of getting noticed are 8 times more when you have a profile photo.
2. 75% of Jeevansathi members seem to express interest only when the profile has at least 3 photographs.

We have no way of verifying this claim, but profiles with photos definitely stand a better chance of getting responses.

Definitely avoid blurred photos, group photos, watermarked photos and photos where you blend in with the background if you want to improve your chances of getting shortlisted. Avoid showing off your wealth (like posing in front of an expensive car) and definitely avoid a photo taken in a club or a bar.

For women, including selfies with pouted lips will send the wrong signal.

Make sure your photos don’t alienate parents/relatives or prospective matches as they form a large chunk of the Jeevansathi userbase.

Jodi Logik Tip

When you choose photos for your Jeevansathi profile, remember to include different photos that showcase you doing different things in a different setting. Definitely, include one clear headshot and add more such as a photo at your work location, or showcases you wearing an ethnic attire.

For more in-depth tips, check out our comprehensive blog post on 17 tips to help you take an awesome matrimonial profile photograph.

2. Use partner preference settings to your advantage

You have the option to review and control your partner preferences for your Jeevansathi profile. This is an important step to review carefully as incorrect partner preference settings will lead you down the wrong path!

Even as you complete your profile, you will be prompted to review the partner preferences that are automatically configured by Jeevansathi. You will have the option to change the partner preference settings to override default settings.

You will see “Strict Filter On/Off” buttons that allow you to stop people who don’t match the specific criteria from seeing your contact number or email address. Mutual matches are shown based on these criteria.

You can turn the “Strict Filter” button to apply the criteria or leave it in off state if you are flexible. You can also click on the “Edit” link to change the parameters.

Jeevansathi Partner Preference Settings

if you check the “I also want to receive matches based on the history of my interests and acceptance”, the Jeevansathi will track your activity and start showing matches that might not fit your partner preferences settings but are similar to the matches you may have shortlisted or shown interest in.

Jodi Logik Tip

Leave this box checked. We have found that people don’t actually follow their own preference criteria. It is scientifically proven that what we say and what we do may not really be consistent all the time!

3. Making sense of Jeevansathi profile search

Jeevansathi profile search is relatively streamlined and easier to use compared to those in other matrimonial sites. You have three options to work with:

1. Search
2. My Saved Searches
3. Search by Profile ID

The search feature provides complete control of all the factors that you will probably use to search for a profile. The default search parameters include age, height, religion, caste, mother tongue, country, income, marital status and the option to filter out profiles that do not have a profile photo.

Jeevansathi Profile Search

You can also include additional search parameters for Jeevansathi profile search and this includes:

The option to only include profiles that have horoscope data
Highest education and occupation preferences
Food habits, drinking and smoking preferences
Include or exclude people with a handicap or HIV+ members
keyword search with an option to match all search terms (Example: “adventure sports”)
Include members who are “currently online” and or “new members added since last visit” in the search results

Jodi Logik TipWhile it is enticing to narrow the search results based on all of the above search parameters, a better strategy would be to start with the default search criteria first, review the quality of profiles from the search results and start narrowing down your search results by applying additional filters.

4. Getting the most out of your search results

We definitely recommend using the default search settings first to get an understanding of how relevant the profiles are. But if you want to filter out different sets of search results based on different qualifications/criteria, remember to save your search.

Here is how you can do it.

Once you see the search results, click on the “Save this search” feature to keep the search results intact for a future review.

Jeevansathi saved searches

Once it is saved, click on the “My Saved Searches” from the top menu bar to access your saved search results.

Access Jeevansathi My Saved Searches

That’s not all. If you would like to do an advanced search, just use additional search filters once the results are shown. You will find these filters on the left side of the search results.

Jeevansathi search filters

These advanced search filters are “profile posted by”, “Profile added in”, “activity on site” and allow you to adjust your search settings to further narrow down your search. This is particularly helpful to improve your chances of getting a response.

Jodi Logik Tip

If your profile description is written to appeal to individuals who have created a profile on their own, you can filter out the profiles created and managed by parents, relatives or friends by selecting the appropriate checkbox under “Profile posted by”.

5. Making sense of the different match categories?

Your Jeevansathi profile has a number of different categories of matches. You will find all of these under “Matches” in the main menu bar.

Jeevansathi match

While all of these options may overwhelm the average user, every option has a clear purpose.

1. Desired Partner Matches refer to Jeevansathi profiles that meet all the partner expectations criteria included in your profile. Please note that the search results do not necessarily mean compatible members as their partner preference may not be relevant to you.

2. Daily Recommendations are based on your history of accepting an invitation to connect as well as your preferred choices. Initially, the quality of this list may not be up to mark but will improve as you start sending out invitations to connect or accept invitations from other members.

3. Just Joined Matches could be of interest to you as it includes a combination of recency and matching partner preferences. Members who are new the site are more active as there is no search fatigue.

4. Verified Matches give you the added peace of mind knowing that in addition to meeting your partner expectations, they have been verified in person by a Jeevansathi team member or the user’s identity has been verified using Adhaar or PAN card details.

5. Mutual Matches are two-way matches that will give you a list of members who are looking for someone like you and also meet your expectations. This is arguably the most relevant list of profiles you can get.

6. Members Looking For Me is the opposite of Desired Partner Matches. In this case, you have a list of Jeevsathi profiles that have expressed interest in someone like you but may not necessarily meet all your expectations.

7. Kundli Matches give you a list of profiles that match your horoscope. You will have to enter your details such as time of birth, place of birth to generate the search results.

Jodi Logik TipYou can skim through the different match categories and add interesting profiles to your shortlist. You can then do a detailed review of your shortlist before expressing interest. Over a period of time, the quality of your daily recommendations should improve.

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6. Verifying your Jeevansathi profile

It’s important to complete your profile and provide as much information about you in order to get better responses and better matches from Jeevansathi. We definitely recommend over 80% profile completion rate.

In order to do this, click on the small icon of your photo on the top of the page to view your profile. Find out what section of your profile missing and start adding more information to your Jeevansathi profile.

Jeevansathi profile completeness percentage

Jeevansathi also gives you a trust badge once you get your profile verified by a Jeevansathi team member. You can earn the “Verified Member” trust badge by uploading your ID proof and address proof.

If you want to be even more transparent, you can schedule a verification visit to your home. While getting a trust badge does not make a big difference, it adds to your credibility and sends a signal to other members that you are a genuine user.

Jeevansathi verified profiles

When you reach out to matches on Jeevansathi, you may be requested to share your marriage biodata. Jodi Logik has a library pf hand-crafted biodata for marriage templates to choose from that are designed to get you more response. Click here to create your biodata on Jodi Logik.

7. Hidden Jeevansathi matrimonial profile features revealed!

There are a number of useful features in Jeevansathi that most of us may ignore. Here are a few that you can use to improve your chances of finding a match or put your search on a pause.

a. Share your Jeevansathi profile with anyone who is not a member of Jeevansathi. You will find your public Jeevansathi profile link at the bottom of your profile page.

Jeevansathi Profile Share

b. Add a cover photo to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Choose from a library of cover images to highlight your primary area of interest.

Jeevansathi Profile Cover Photo

c. If you are prepared to shell out a lot of money, you can sign up for the JS Exclusive membership plan that includes a personal matchmaker who will line up matches for you and you can sit back and pick one that you would like to talk to!

JS Exclusive Membership Plan

d. If for some reason, you choose to temporarily stop getting messages and not show up in search results, you can pause your Jeevansathi profile. Head over to the “Hide/Delete Profile” option and enter the duration for which you want to hide your profile.Jeevansathi profile Hide Temporarily

Jeevansathi is definitely an option you should consider for finding your match. Having a good understanding of the different features of Jeevansathi and creating a complete profile will dramatically improve your chances of finding the right person.

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