When Kamal Haasan Signed Up For Online Matrimony Sites


After our wildly successful post on Rajinikanth’s views on the emotions that people go through when using a matrimony site, we have had immense demand from the masses for a similar post on Kamal Haasan.

When Kamal Haasan uses matrimony sites

The Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan Munnetra Kazhagam (in English, this roughly translates to The association of people who don’t have anything worthwhile to do other than promoting Kamal Haasan) has submitted a formal petition with over 10 million signatures demanding that Jodi Logik minions explain why Rajnikanth had the first say in explaining what matrimony users go through. The problem was that we had to seek Gowthami’s permission before we could publish the post and hence we decided to move forward with our post on Rajnikanth. We hope this post will calm the tempers and even the field for Kamal Haasan as well.

Matrimony sites make outrageous claims

Every matrimonial site claims to be the number one site! You will be a sucker to believe anything they claim and it is apparent that something is fishy. Some of these claims are based on a generous definition of who is considered to be an active user. Matrimony sites also liberally use cumulative sign-ups to puff up the size of their database.


Matrimony sites claim easy signup

It’s ridiculously easy to sign-up. It’s as easy as Kamal Haasan drinking tea while handling roughians. But as you know movie stunts are just that staged stunts. You sign up easily only to discover that you will be measuring the length and the breadth of your teeth and other body parts as everything about you needs to be disclosed.


Creating your profile on matrimony sites

This is where all your inadequacies are revealed and you start hating the profile you are creating. What started out with excitement will end up in a major disappointment just like what Kamal Haasan felt. It seems matrimony sites are competing with car manufacturers that list everything from engine specifications to color, interiors, and add-on options. Very quickly you will realize that you are just another product to be sold or bartered.


Dodging the salesman

You will soon realize that the free matrimony site you signed up for is no longer free! It’s a classic bait and switch tactic designed to reel in unsuspecting people and once they are members, they are asked to pay up. Kamal experiences this in the form a money lender that lent him money at a ridiculously high interest rate.


Communicating with a potential match

Communicating with a potential match in matrimony sites is literally a “dress-tearing” experience. Kamal and Rati demonstrated this way back in the 80s in this classic scene. First of all communication is usually with a parent. So everything you say has to appeal to the parent and also impress the potential match.

Disappointing Results

Now get ready for some heavy-duty Kamal Haasan style crying after you lose your dress and your wallet to the matrimony site. If your name is Soorya, don’t watch this video! Wondering why the results are disappointing? Check out the reasons here.


Don’t go through what Kamal Hassan went through. Avoid this emotional roller-coaster by signing up for Jodi Logik.

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