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matrimony sites in India

Directory of matrimonial sites in India

If you just want a list of top matrimonial sites in India, here is the directory.

We categorized the matrimonial sites based on region/community/ and religion. Scroll down to read more about each and every one of the sites listed in this directory.

Please note that Shaadi, Bharat Matrimony and Jeevansathi has specialised sites for different audiences and hence are featured multiple times in this directory.

Best matrimony sites as ranked by Jodi Logik

These are by far the best matchmaking sites in India with the most number of active users.

1. Shaadi
2. Bharat Matrimony
3. Jeevansaathi

Matrimony sites for divorcees and second marriage

These are matrimony sites targeting the second marriage market in India.

4. Divorce Matrimony (Part of Bharat Matrimony)
5. Second Shaadi (Not affiliated to

Matrimony sites for NRIs

Here are Indian matrimonial sites with profiles from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the Middle East.

6. NRI Shaadi (Affiliated to
7. NRI Matrimony (Affiliated to Bharat Matrimony)
8. NRI Marriage Bureau (

Matrimony sites for Kerala

These matrimonial sites focus on the Malayalam-speaking community in India and around the world.

9. Chavara Matrimony
10. M4Marry
11. Kalyan Matrimony

Telugu matrimony sites

The following matrimony sites cater predominantly to the Telugu-speaking community in South India

12. Eenadupellipandiri

Matrimony sites for Tamilians

In addition to Bharat Matrimony’s Tamil, the following sites specialize in offering matchmaking services for Tamilians.

14. Sai Sankara Matrimonials
15. Kammavar Kalyanamalai
16. KM Matrimony

Matrimony sites for Marathis

Here are two sites that specialize in offering matchmaking services for the Marathi community.

17. Mangalashtak
18. Pavitravivah

Matrimony sites for Muslims

These sites are popular among the Muslim community of India

19. Muslim Matrimony (Affiliated to Bharat Matrimony)
20.’s Muslim Matrimony site

Matrimony sites for Christians

22. Christian Matrimony (Affiliated to Bharat Matrimony)
23. Jeevansathi’s Christian Matrimony
24.’s Christian Matrimony
25. Holy Matrimony
26. Angel Matrimony

Matrimony sites for doctors

This site is exclusively meant for doctors.

27. Medico Life Partner
28. Medical Matrimony

Other matrimony sites

These sites fall under two types. They offer matchmaking services for all groups and communities or offer nice services such as matchmaking for HIV+ people or those who are opposed to dowry.

29. Love Vivaah
30. FreeSathi
31. Positive Saathi
32. Idontwantdowry
33. iBlueBottle
34. Life Partner
35. Matrimonials India
36. Bandhan
37. Vivaah

Why choosing a matrimonial site is difficult

According to the book, Marrying in South Asia: Shifting Concepts, Changing Practices in a Globalising World, there are over 1500 matrimony sites in India. Business Standard reported that there are over 2600 matrimonial sites in India with over 700 of them are extensions of community bodies that have played a major role in arranged marriages among specific communities.

If you are someone looking to go through an arranged marriage, you have a problem of plenty when it comes to choosing from the thousands of online matrimonial sites in India.

Here are four reasons why it is challenging to come to any sort of conclusion on which are the best matrimonial sites in India.

1. Low entry barrier for launching matrimonial sites

The reason for a large number of matrimonial sites is the fact that the entry barrier for launching a matrimonial site is very low. Create a simple registration form, provide a profile development feature and throw in a search feature based on simple matching factors. That’s it.

Everybody and their mother thinks they can attract a large number of customers by just launching a site. Traditional marriage brokers have also jumped into the business of launching matrimony sites as they also have a large number of matrimony profiles in their database.

2. Community-based matrimonial sites in India

The early entrants in the online matrimony market have branched out to offer community-based matrimonial sites in India. For example, and and several hundreds of community portals belong to, the owner of Bharat Matrimony.

The dilemma for the user then becomes should they choose to signup with a community or religion-based matrimonial sites in India or register with more broad-based portals?

3. Matrimonial sites in India are mostly clones

Barring a handful of sites, most matrimonial sites in India look alike and the feature/functionality list is also the same. The only difference you will see if the size and the quality of the profile database.

However, you will never know the size or the quality of the profile database before you register with the website. Without independent verification, there is no way for us to trust the profile numbers that matrimony sites in India project to attract new customers.

4. Doubtful claims about the size of the profile database

Often, matrimonial sites in India claim to have a large pool of profiles. However, not all of them disclose the fact that the number of active profiles is only a small percentage of the total profiles. Also, the classification of what an active profile is subject to debate and discussion.

Let’s say, a site claims they have 2 million active profiles, but the definition of an active profile is any activity on the site within the last 6 months. We will never know how many of the 2 million profiles logged off 5 months ago, never to return?

Before signing-up for a matrimony site, it is important to understand what makes a matrimonial site suitable for you as every one of us has a different expectation.

How to choose a matrimonial site?Choosing a matrimonial site in India

To help identify the best matrimonial site that will work for you, just answer the following questions.

1. Would you prefer to interact with parents or with potential matches directly?

In some of the most popular matrimonial sites such as Shaadi, Jeevansaathi and Bharat Matrimony the majority of profiles are created by parents/relatives. If you prefer to interact with the potential matches directly rather than go through parents, we suggest that you opt for some of the newer sites that have entered the matrimony space.

2. Are you very particular about marrying within your religion/caste/sub-caste?

In arranged marriages, families prefer to look for a potential bride/groom within the same community. In an arranged marriage set up, it is extremely rare to search for matches belonging to different religion or caste.

While the big three matrimony sites have their own community or religion-based profile databases, specialised sites such as Sai Sankara Matrimonials in Chennai and Eenadupellipandiri in Telangana/Andhra Pradesh among others have cropped up helping you find a match within your own caste.

3. Do you consider yourself “elite/high net-worth individual”?

Traditional matrimonial sites rarely specify the family’s net-worth. If you consider yourself a high net-worth individual, or someone with a high-paying job or you come from an elite educational institution, then you would benefit from going through a matrimonial site or matchmaker that caters to this group, rather than going through the traditional sites.

4. Are you open to arranged dating before marriage?

Several dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble have rolled out their services in India. But they do not offer matchmaking services for marriage and primarily target the emerging dating trend. Another set of new-age matchmakers like TrulyMadly and Floh Aisle offer services wherein you can date your potential match before you decide to take it forward to marriage.

Matrimonial sites in India – Detailed review with prices

To identify and shortlist the best matrimonial sites, we came up with a scoring model called the Jodi Logik Popularity Score.

How does the Jodi Logik Popularity Score work?

The popularity score for matrimonial sites is based on Alexa site ranking, which is a leading publisher of website statistics. There are four factors that determine the Jodi Logik Popularity Score:

1. Average daily time spent on site: This is a simple factor that tells us how engaged the user is once they sign up with the matrimonial site. Every minute corresponds to 1 point.

2. Daily pageviews by visitors: The number of pages viewed by the site visitor daily (on an average) is yet another indication of user engagement. It also indirectly points to the number of profiles available on the site that’s relevant to the user. Every 1-page view corresponds to 1 point.

3. Bounce rate: Bounce rate indicates the user’s interest in staying on the site once they find the site. A high bounce rate indicates a lack of interest among users who visit the site. We assigned 0 points for sites with 100% bounce rate and 10 points for sites with 0% bounce rate.

4. Alexa rank in India: Finally, we included the Alexa site traffic ranking in India. The lower the absolute value of the Alexa rank, the more points scored by the site. This is done on a scale that ranges between 1 to 60,000. For example, sites with an Alexa ranking that ranges from 1 to 1000 will get 60 points.

We then added up all the above to come up with a total popularity score.

Please note that the Jodi Logik Popularity Score assigns more weight to user engagement than absolute traffic to the site. That’s why you will notice you probably never heard of some of the top-ranked matrimonial sites on our directory.

That’s not all.

We also decided to include sites that don’t have Alexa data as their site traffic is modest. We do not assign Jodi Logik Popularity Score to sites with low traffic.

1. Shaadi

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 79.65

Shaadi is one of the oldest matrimony sites in India. According to their website, they have over 35 million users and 4 million people found their matches. Let’s just assume that they have a large user base and you have a fairly good chance of finding someone who might be suitable.

They don’t disclose pricing information until you register with them. Free registration will give you access to their database but is pretty much a hook to reel new customers in. If you need to communicate with prospective matches, you will need a paid subscription.

Here are the various membership plans offered by Shaadi.

We found that the membership plans typically range from Rs.4650 for 3 months to almost Rs.14,650 for a 12-month period. The number of messages you send to prospective matches is more if you subscribe to a higher price membership.

Shaadi is ranked 460 by Alexa in terms of popularity in India.

How to get more responses from

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2. Bharat Matrimony

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 64

Bharat Matrimony is a close competitor of Shaadi. They have millions of verified members in their database. Along with Shaadi, Bharat Matrimony is a pioneer in the online matrimony business and have branched out to offer online matrimony services through its network of 300 community-based portals. They also offer other services like personalised or assisted matrimony and matrimony services for elite (in other words, rich) users.

Their pricing ranges from Rs.4,900 (for 3 months) to Rs 13,900 valid for a year.

Because Bharat Matrimony has different sites for different communities, there is no single Alexa ranking that will be relevant for this article.

BharatMatrimony is ranked 2268 by Alexa in terms of popularity in India. However, we estimate their traffic to be higher as their regional portals attract sizeable traffic and have engaged user communities.

Bharat Matrimony Hacks
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3. Jeevansathi

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 82.5

Jeevansathi gets mentioned as one of the platforms of choice among matrimonial sites in India. They have a large database of verified profiles. Jeevansathi has arguably the least annoying user interface among the big three matrimonial sites in India.

They have also dramatically reduced their prices in their quest to catch up with the market leaders. The price per month is now around Rs 671 with a 3-month package available for Rs 2,014. An unlimited package for Rs 6,148 seems to be the best deal on offer.

The Alexa ranking for Jeevansathi is 395.

Jeevansathi Profile
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4. M4marry

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 78.87

This is a site run by the Malayala Manorama Group in Kerela. They also claim to be the largest matrimony site in Kerala. Because they are backed by a publishing group, they provide additional services like print ads.

They have a big list of subscription options for various prices. The starter plan costs Rs. 4,500 for 3 months. From here, you can add many add-on packages or pay a premium for assisted services (called the active plus membership).

The Alexa rank for this site is 4803 in India.

5. Chavara Matrimony

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 78.87

Chavara Matrimony caters to the Christians of Kerela. The site is run by Catholic priests and is an offshoot of the Chavara Family Welfare Centre in Cochin. Among the Christian community of India, the Church often plays a major role in arranged marriages. Chavara Matrimony is an example of this trend.

Pricing for the premium subscription is simple. You can start with an Rs.5,000 for 3 months or upgrade to Rs. 6,300 for 6 months and Rs. 7,650 for 12 months.

The Alexa rank for this site is 8,260 in India.

6. Sai Sankara Matrimonials

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 69.31

This is a regional site based in Chennai and caters to the local Brahmin community. SS Matrimony started with a focus on offering matchmaking services for the Brahmin community. They have now expanded to address the needs of other communities in Tamil Nadu as well.

There are no freebies here. You got to pay to create your profile. The membership price is about Rs.3,000 for 6 months. Your profile photo can be changed during the membership for an additional Rs.100.

The all India Alexa rank for this site is 20,468.


Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 56.5

Vivaah claims to be a leading free matrimonial site in India and we believe them!

There seems to be enough provision to safeguard your photograph and contact details from other members. Unlike, this site requires you to create a profile on and all profiles are registered members of

According to Alexa, Vivaah is ranked 24,689 among all Indian websites.

8. Eenadu Pellipandiri

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 65.03

The Eenadu group is a major media group in Andhra Pradesh. Like Times of India, they have a matrimonial site as well as use their newspapers and digital properties to broadcast matrimonial profiles created on their site. Eendu Pellipandiri caters to the Telugu speaking communities.

Membership prices range from Rs.2,400 for 3 months to Rs.6,100 for 9 months. More expensive membership options with more features are also available.

The India Alexa rank for this site is 53,979.

9. LoveVivah

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 54.37

In a crowded online matrimonial business, LoveVivah is trying it’s best to stand out. They claim to be India’s first site that requires new members to validate their profile using Adhaar. In addition, members have to validate their email, phone number, and social media profile to access the profile database.

Customers Beware: We discovered that Lovevivah copied entire blog posts from Jodi Logik and passed it off as their own content through their blog.

Pricing for the premium membership plans is as below.

It starts with Rs.3,300 for 3 months and goes all the way to Rs.8,400 for a year. They also have more expensive membership plans for personalised matchmaking experience.

The Alexa ranking (India) for this site is 16,655.

10. Kalyan Matrimony

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 50.07

Kalyan matrimony is run by the famous jewellery brand, Kalyan Jewellers. This company is based out of Kerala and is a site for all religions and castes with focus on Malayalam-speaking communities. But it would seem like it would have predominantly Malayali usage.

Pricing for paid membership ranges from Rs.3,650 for 2 months to Rs.7,450 for about 6 months.

The Alexa Ranking for this site is 18,991.

11. Bandhan

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 44.95

Ever heard of Trivago? They aggregate travel booking rates from different portals and give you all the options in one single site. Bandhan is the Trivago of matrimonial sites in India. They aggregate profiles from Bharat Matrimony, Shaadi, Jeevansathi, and Simply Marry.

There is no subscription fee and you can access millions of profiles for free. However, if the profile owner has restricted the availability of their information without registration, you may have to sign up with the site hosting the profile.

If you sign up with Bandhan, you can view the photos of the profiles in the search result itself without having to click through to the site hosting the profile.

The all India Alexa rank for this site is 23,989.

12. Matrimonials India

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 48.75

This site looks like a clone of every other matrimonial site in India!

You can enrol for free and upgrade to premium membership plans. Compared to the top three matrimonial sites, we expect the profile database to be limited.

Pricing starts at Rs. 3,599 for 3 months (which is steep) and goes up to Rs.7,199 for 9 months.

The Alexa ranking for this site is 30,685 among websites in India.


Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 41.57

This site claims to have millions of profile, but we suspect this claim is an exaggeration. This site allows you to view profiles from their database without having to even register for the free membership plan. Photographs are also not protected and can be easily downloaded.

If you are adventurous and would like to use their premium membership plan, prices start at Rs.1,250 for 3 months and Rs.3,050 for a 1-year membership.

Alexa ranking for this site is 36,186 in India.

14. Nikah

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 39.94

Nikah claims to be offering matchmaking services for the Muslim community since 1988. You have three membership plans that range from Rs.2,340 for 2 months to a flat Rs.7,999 for membership till you get married.

Alexa ranks this site at 38,749 among all sites in India.

15. Free Sathi

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 29.13

Free Sathi completely free matrimonial sites. The site has features that allow you to keep your photograph and contact number private and disclose them only to members you choose. With free matrimony sites, the burden of screening candidates for possible fraud or misrepresentation is on the members. However, the site claims to screen profiles as well.

The all India Alexa rank for this site is 90,493.

16. KM Matrimony

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 14.47

KM Matrimony started off as a TV program to match couples. It later morphed into a marriage bureau that then branched into online matrimony business. The founder of this site is also a wedding caterer. The site caters (no pun intended) mostly customers in Tamil Nadu and has been gaining ground in the market in the last several years.

Pricing for online matrimony services ranges from Rs.5,900 to Rs.1.18 lakhs for 6 months.

Alexa ranking in India for is 115,940.

17. Second Shaadi

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 13.48

Second Shaadi is not affiliated with In fact, tried to take down claiming that the domain name was infringing on their brand. However, lost the case!

It provides a platform for people who want to get remarried after a divorce or loss of the spouse. The site is still stuck in the past in terms of the user interface but seems to cater to the needs of its target audience well.

Pricing is relatively expensive with the started packages but it gets relatively cheaper as you move up to other membership plans. Pricing ranges from Rs.2,499 per 2 months to Rs. 6,999 for unlimited validity period.

The Alexa rank for this site is 96,869 in India.

18. Kammavar Kalyanamalai

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 9.33

This is a community-oriented matrimony site that caters to the Kamma Naidus or Naickers who live in Tamil Nadu and speak Telugu. Users can register free of cost and then upgrade to paid plans to access contact details, activate better privacy settings among other benefits.

Pricing ranges from Rs.4,299 for 3 months to Rs.8,299 for 9 months.

Alexa ranking for this site is 120,7725 in India.

19. Mangalashtak

Jodi Logik Popularity Score: 8.08

Mangalashtak is a matrimonial site specially catering to the Marathi speaking community. You share all your information before you register and once you are a member, you can see other profiles for free. However, if you would like to view the contact information, you will have to sign-up for any of their three simple plans.

The basic plan starts at Rs.2,000 for 3 months and a yearly plan will cost Rs.3,000.

Alexa ranks this site at 81,727 among all sites in India.

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Niche matrimonial sites with no ranking

The following matrimonial sites are listed for the benefit of communities who might find them interesting. The order in which they are listed is not related to their ranking, popularity or value of the services they offer.

Holy Matrimonial

Holy Matrimonial caters to all sects of Christianity. You can view the profile of several potential matches without logging in, but you need to register with them to be able to get the person’s contact details. Prices range from Rs.980 for 1 month to Rs.2,100 to 6 months. Prices are published in US Dollars.

Angel Matrimony

Angel Matrimony claims to be a leading matchmaking site for Christians in India. However, the focus seems to be in Tamil Nadu only. Plans range from Rs.999 per month to Rs.3,260 for 6 months.

Medico Life Partner

Medico Life Partner is a niche matchmaking site to help find doctors ready to tie the knot. You need to be a Doctor to sign up for this site. The site claims to have about 11,000+ profiles and you can shortlist matches even based on their specialization.

Membership plans range from Rs.3,600 for 3 months to R.6,300 for 12 months.

Medical Matrimony

Medical Matrimony is a niche site that belongs to a magazine called Medical Dialogues which has a membership of about 2.5 lakhs medical professionals. Please note that not all the magazine readers will be looking to get married.

Membership prices range from Rs.2,000 for 4 months and Rs.2,500 for 12 months. In addition to an online profile, paid members will have their profiles included in their magazine.

Positive Saathi

Positive Saathi exclusively caters to HIV+ Indians. HIV and AIDS carry a huge social stigma in India This site provides HIV+ Indians with the chance to lead a normal life. The problem with this site is that many of the links on the site are not functioning or under construction. This creates a credibility issue for new users.

We couldn’t find information about the membership fees.


This is a site that provides people who are against paying and receiving dowry to seek matches from like-minded people.

Considering the fact that this site is based out of Hyderabad, we suspect the membership is skewed towards Telugu speaking community. registration is free. However, if you would like to contact other members, it will cost you Rs. 500 for 6 months.

Note: This site was hacked in January 2020.


iBluebottle is one of the new-age matrimony sites (they call themselves a matchmaking site) in India that aims to address the deficiencies of established matrimony sites. They screen every profile extensively and do random background checks as well.

Every Friday, they send matches to their members. If you want to go beyond caste and community preferences and want to meet people who have a compatible personality, this might be a platform worth considering.

Their membership plans are very simple but you need to have a decent educational and professional background to enrol. You start off with a free membership. However, if you would like to communicate with other members you need to upgrade either to the 3 months plan for Rs.5,000 or the 6 months plan for Rs.7,000. is a recent entrant in the Indian matchmaking market. They claim to use artificial intelligence that will analyze the individual’s preferences and match them to compatible matches.’s pricing model is simple. You can use the services for free with a limited number of connection requests or upgrade to a premium plan that costs Rs.499 per month.

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