Using Matrimony Sites In India? You Probably Need Jodi Logik!


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Are you using matrimony sites in India?

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” That’s marriage for you. Once you are married, you will take it to your grave (unless you are OK with a divorce).

Finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life is a big challenge. But if you choose to sign up for any of the matrimony sites in India, you are in for a rude shock.

If you are born to Indian parents, they will probably make sure you get married. One of the many benefits of the Internet is the concept of finding your love online through dating, a popular concept in the Western world.

Matrimony sites in India provide the same service. They come in handy when your parents fail in their quest to get you married. But then a funny thing happened. A lot of the profiles that you see on matrimony sites in India are created by the parents!

The internet has become just another tool for parents to continue the tradition of arranged marriages. Popular matrimony sites in India have replicated the same search criteria driven by caste, colour and the time-honored tradition of looking to find girls that can cook or boys that earn a certain monthly income.

On the other end of the spectrum, we now have dating sites in India that provide opportunities to meet someone in a casual setting and find out if there is a spark. The concept of dating is becoming popular in large cities in India but is still an alien concept for a vast majority. We also do not know how many of these dates actually end up in a lifelong commitment.

Once you have created a profile, you also never know who is checking you out or responding to messages! Get ready to meet online creeps, stalkers and weirdos.The challenge for matrimony sites in India is how to offer young people who are looking to get married an opportunity to express themselves and also find their match through social connections and family networks. Jodi Logik was created to address precisely this challenge.

4 Reasons To Sign Up For Jodi Logik

Thinking of marriage? You may have instinctively done at least one of the following:

  1. Create your Biodata and Horoscope (Your parents might have this done already).
  2. Sign up for with a “free” online matrimony site.

Chances are you did both and came away disappointed.

Jodi Logik gives you a better option. Use Jodi Logik to create a cool, custom matrimony profile or biodata for marriage and share it with people that you may be connected to. Your profile is NOT searchable, but available only to a select few. We will not ask you embarrassing questions and you can choose how much to reveal about yourself.

Not convinced? Here are four compelling reasons to sign up for Jodi Logik.

#1: Your profile should stand out

Matrimony sites in India

Yes, Jodi Logik gives you plenty of options to customise your marriage biodata or profile. We hired an artist to create custom themes that you can choose from truly unique themes that reflect your personality. Like magic, your profile is automatically converted into a video with beautiful music in tow. These videos are designed to make people fall in love with your profile! That’s not all. You can showcase your family, talents, your lifestyle, your career or your education in ways that were never done before.Hilarious matrimonial ads

#2 Get treated like a human

Matrimony Sites In India

Let’s face it. The overwhelming feeling that you will get when using matrimony sites is that you are an ATM. You will be sold to at every turn. You will end up coughing up money just to make sure your profile gets the attention it deserves.

Jodi Logik has a completely different philosophy. Our application will behave like a human (yes, we are serious) and you will have fun using Jodi Logik. That’s a promise.

#3 Avoid random creeps

Matrimony sites in India

After answering endless questions about your life or your personality, you certainly don’t want creeps to ogle at your profile photograph or get into meaningless “chat” sessions.

You might bury your head in the sand instead of turning on the “anonymous mode” that most of the matrimony sites offer.

Jodi Logik gives you an elegant option to distribute your profile to people that you may be connected to in real life or found through matrimony ads. If you are uncomfortable, you can always disable access to your profile and you exactly know who is viewing your profile and how many times your profile was viewed.

#4 Contextual communication is way better

Matrimonial Profile

No more intrusive and awkward chats and messages. Do you really need one more mailbox when you are already dealing with a handful of email ids?

Jodi Logik makes communication with potential matches elegant and meaningful. You will have conversations that revolve around your likes, interests, and expectations. With Jodi Logik, you will probably learn more about yourself and your potential match than at any other matrimony site in India.

Jodi Logik is not a matrimony site!

Matrimonial sites in India

Using Matrimony Sites In India? You probably need Jodi Logik to dramatically improve your chances of finding your soulmate.

Jodi Logik is not a matrimony site and you will not be able to search for matches. Jodi Logik is just an awesome tool to create a private, custom biodata for marriage or matrimony profile that you would otherwise create using a Word document.

Here is how you should use your Jodi Logik biodata

1. Share your Jodi Logik profile with people you may find through newspaper matrimony ads and family/friends by sending them elegant email invitations.

3. If you choose to use matrimony sites in India, you can share your Jodi Logik profile with shortlisted matches to exchange more details and communicate directly.

4. Once you share your Jodi Logik profile, remember to ask the other party to also create a Jodi Logik profile!

Sign up with Jodi Logik

Need more information before you sign up?

Click here to understand how a Jodi Logik biodata can dramatically improve your chances of finding a soulmate when you use matrimony sites or newspaper ads.

How to use Jodi Logik

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