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Marrying an NRI bridegroom is no longer a “hot” trend in the marriage market. However, if you have shortlisted an NRI in your marriage hunt, one of the biggest issue you will face is how do I make sure the NRI bridegroom is genuine and how do I validate if he is telling the truth in his biodata for marriage or online matrimony profile? We have listed five easy ways to verify the information provided by your prospective NRI bridegroom here.

1. Simple technique to verify your NRI bridegroom’s employment information

Contact your potential NRI bridegroom’s employer in India (if they have an office) or in the country where he is living. You should get the employer contact information from the company’s website and NOT from your potential match. LinkedIn is a great place to see if your match is actually working where he claims he is working. Any serious LinkedIn profile will have at least 50+ connections and one or two recommendations. Not having a LinkedIn profile is not a deal breaker, though. If you do not have his employment information because your NRI match refuses to disclose this information or gives you evasive responses, its a sign from above to run. Here is how you will see my LinkedIn profile. Notice the number of connections and recommendations I have.

Use LinkedIn to verify employment credentials of your prospective NRI bridegroom

2. Online background checks for criminal history

In countries like the US, you can perform online background checks and this will include checking for criminal background. You can Google “online background checks” and then pick a service from the search results. These services usually charge you a small amount for accessing the criminal records.The only challenge you may have is that you need a credit card that these services will accept.Here is one such service that you can try using (This is applicable to the US only).

You can use online tools for criminal background checks on your NRI bridegroom

3. Google Maps for visual verification

Ask for the NRI bridegroom’s local address and do a Google search using Google Maps. Now turn on the satellite view and zoom in to see if the address actually shows a house or an apartment complex. If you see a vacant ground or if the address has no direct match on Google Maps, your NRI bridegroom is probably taking you for a ride. If he is living in an apartment complex, they usually have a website (one more layer of validation) that you can look up.

Apartment complexes in the US have their own websites

4. Your NRI bridegroom’s lifestyle

If your NRI match is living in the US, ask him about his car. People living in cities like New York or San Francisco may not even own cars, but a vast majority of Americans may have at least one car if not two. Look up the make and model number of the car online. If your NRI claims he is working in an MNC and is driving around a non-existent car or mentions something like Geo Metro, it doesn’t add up. Use sites like Kelley Blue Book to find out what type of car your NRI Bridegroom may be driving and if it matches his story.

Also, when you look up his place through Google Maps and if you happen to have the “Street View” working, you may actually see his car parked in front of his house. Now you know where he lives and what he drives!

Use Google Maps Street View to find out about your NRI Bridegroom's Lifestyle

5. Facebook and Twitter checks

Look up the NRI’s name in Google (Google to your rescue again!) and browse through his social media profiles. Look for any images that show your man doing wild things that you don’t approve of. Here is a funny incident where the NRI bridegroom got duped by a fake bride in India!

If your NRI match is living in the Gulf region (Middle East), you can still verify his employment directly, look for LinkedIn and social media profiles and use the Google Maps trick to see where he is living.

TIP: The different ways of verifying information listed in this post are applicable for both NRI grooms and NRI brides!

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