How to Write a Muslim Marriage Biodata? Samples You Can Copy!


Muslim marriage biodata formatIndia has over 170 Million Muslims (2011 census) and they have established a unique identity. The Muslim marriage biodata in the context of India reflects the unique blend of cultural affinity with the Indian society and the traditional practices dictated the by the religion.

Here are some of the unique aspects of the Muslim marriage biodata format in India:

1. Women tend to include lifestyle preferences in the context of religious requirements. Example – The practice of wearing a hijab. Some women prefer not to wear the hijab after marriage while others, with a more traditional outlook on life, prefer to wear the hijab.

2. Both men and women indicate how religious they are in terms of following the daily prayer rituals and pilgrimage to Mecca.

3. Some Indian Muslims prefer to marry from the same caste while others are open to all castes. This is yet another example of how age old traditions dictated by geography influence religious practices.

4. Some Muslims are particular about their Madhab and want to call this out specifically. This could potentially impact their lifestyle and hence can become an important factor for matchmaking.

5. Men tend to call out how religious they are and their preference for dress code.

6. The profile photograph provides an indication of how religious the person is.

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Muslim Marriage Biodata Format – Girl (Liberal)

We reviewed several well-written profiles in matchmaking sites to come up with a sample marriage biodata for an Indian Mulsim girl.

Muslim marriage biodata format for a girl

About Myself – Copy & Use

I am an easy-going person with a positive attitude towards life. I am simple, soft-spoken, respectful, and an educated person with the right mix of modern and traditional cultures. I am God fearing, read the Quran every day, and perform Namaz five times a day. I come from an orthodox family who believes in following our religious traditions. I am an artist who is passionate about Islamic art and calligraphy. I love cooking for my family during the weekends.

Expectations – Copy & Use

I am looking for someone who can be a true friend for life. He should be claim, understanding, caring, loving, and at the least be moderately religious. While I believe in Allah, I expect my partner to have an open mind to mingle with people from other religions and backgrounds. My ideal match is someone who is successful in his career, well-settled, and has a positive outlook on life.

Here are a few things we really like about this sample:

1. This marriage biodata is the perfect blend of modern influences and traditional background. This is something most middle-class Indians prefer. Case in point is her profession as a graphic designer with a focus on Islamic art!

2. She calls out the fact that she practices namaz five times a day and has not yet decided on wearing hijab after marriage.

3. Her expectations are also clearly defined. She calls out her preference for a moderately religious groom who will not be insular and open to interactions with people in her life who may belong to other religions.

Muslim Marriage Biodata Template – Boy (Traditional)

This Muslim marriage biodata format showcases the profile of an orthodox individual.

Muslim marriage biodata format for a boy

About Myself – Copy & Use

Assalam Alaikum. I am a devout Sunni Muslim and believe in the Hanafi school of thought. I am the second son in a family of three brothers and two younger sisters. I come from a religious background and my father is the General Secretary of the Mulsim Law board and my mother is a homemaker. I have committed my life to the service of Allah and work full-time as the head of a charity for destitute Mulsim families. I believe we are obligated to go beyond Zakat and commit ourselves to the well being our brothers and sisters.

Expectations – Copy & Use

I am looking for a devout Muslim Sunni woman who comes from an orthodox family. She should wear the hijab, fast on Ramazan and should be willing to join me for Hajj. A college education is optional but I am looking for someone who is well versed with Quran, performs namaz five times and day and leads her life on the basis of the holy Quran.

1. This biodata is an example of a traditional Mulsim boy who values his Islamic heritage. He highlights his deep sense of purpose and mission in serving his community as required by the Quran.

2. He clearly calls out his expectations from a prospective match in terms of religious beliefs and paints a vivid picture of life after marriage. He has indicated that he practices fasting on Ramadan and believes in Zakat.

Comprehensive Muslim biodata for marriage of a boy

In some instance, there is a need to provide detailed background about the immediate family in a marriage biodata.

Hence, we decided to create a comprehensive Muslim marriage biodata in a 2-page format.

The design of the comprehensive Muslim marriage biodata format was inspired by Islamic architecture and art.

The blue patterns in the form a dome is inspired by the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, also known as the Blue Mosque.

Traditional lanterns that light up Islamic countries in the Arab world during the month of Ramzan or Ramadan also find a place in our exquisitely designed comprehensive Muslim biodata format.

Muslim marriage biodata template
Page 1 of the comprehensive marriage biodata of a Mulsim boy
Muslim marriage biodata for boy
Page 2 of the comprehensive marriage biodata of a Mulsim boy

About Myself – Copy & Use

I am a tall, well groomed and considerate individual with a zest for life and a positive approach to everything that happens in my life. I am a computer science engineer and have had a successful career so far in the IT industry. My job at Cognizant requires frequent trips to customer locations in the US. While I am religious I am not for wearing my religion on my sleeves. I like watching Bollywood movies and read books on business as well as fiction. I don’t drink or smoke.

Expectations – Copy & Use

I am looking for a down to earth, open-minded person who appreciates the need to keep pace with changing times without forgetting our roots. She should be well educated and could be career oriented or choose to be a homemaker after marriage. I live with my parents at present but will move to other cities or possibly out of the country in the near future.

About My Family – Copy & Use

I come from a close-knit, loving family. While my mother is religious and is rooted in our traditions, my father has a modern outlook on life and believes religion should always be between an individual and his God.

I look up to my father as a source of inspiration and have drawn lessons from his life. He started off working as a store sales manager and worked his way up to own a retail chain. He sees his role not as a boss but as a leader who inspires his employees to be better human beings. He also supports a couple of charities that help provide vocational training to underprivileged youth.

My mother is an amazing artist. She has studied Islamic calligraphy and comes up with exquisite artwork whenever she finds the time. you will see some of her work at our Mosque in Triplicane. She also sells some of her work online. While she has a traditional outlook on life, she has always given me an opportunity to appreciate our religious and cultural background without being pressurised to do anything that I don’t like.

My younger sister, Aliah, is a talented fashion designer and is currently pursuing a course at the National Institute of Fashion Design, Chennai. She is 7 years younger than me but is mature in her thoughts and actions.

My paternal grandparents are from Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. My grandfather, Late Islam Ahmad, was a friend of Dr Abdul Kalam and even today recalls the time he spent with Dr Kalam when they were in school. My grandmother died five years ago. I have two uncles who also work with my father. On my mother’s side, I have three aunts and three uncles. They are all well settled and live in Chennai.

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