Revealed – Barack Obama Love Story Before Michelle!


When we think of celebrities outside the realm of movies, we really don’t pay too much attention to their quest find the love of their lives. Most often than not, their spouse or partner play the second fiddle to the more famous half. The Barack Obama love story before he married Michelle Obama makes for an interesting read.

Barack Obama love story before marriage

Barack Obama is the first African-American President of the United States. He is a living example of how anyone from any background can break stereotypes and conquer challenges.

The book titled “Barack Obama: The Story” by David Maraniss, chronicles Obama’s romance with two women before he met Michelle.

The first woman he loved was Alex McNear and his second love interest was Genevieve Cook. Obama met Cook at a Christmas party in New York’s East Village in December 1983 when she was 25, three years older than him.

Here are some extracts from the book:

How Alex McNear and Barack Obama Met

Obama Love Story

The loneliness of Obama’s New York existence emerged in his letters to Alex McNear, a young woman from Occidental who had enchanted Obama when she was co-editing the literary magazine Feast, and with whom he reconnected when she spent the summer of 1982 in New York. Alex had always been fond of Barry, as she called him, and “thought he was interesting in a very particular way. He really worked his way through an idea or question, turned it over, looked at it from all sides, and then he came to a precise and elegant conclusion.

When Alex came to New York, she gave Obama a call. They met at an Italian restaurant on Lexington Avenue.

This is how she remembered the night, “we sat and talked and ate and drank wine. Or at least I drank wine. I think he drank something stronger. It was one of those dark, old Italian restaurants that don’t exist in New York anymore. It was the kind of place where they leave you alone. I remember thinking how happy I felt just talking to him, that I could talk to him for hours. We walked slowly back to my apartment, on 90th, and said good-bye. After that, we started spending much more time together.

How Genevieve Cook and Barack Obama Met

The relationship with McNear obviously ended, and the Obama love story takes another turn before he met Michelle.

The party in the sixth-floor apartment was well under way when Genevieve arrived: lights dim, Ella Fitzgerald playing on the stereo, chattering people, arty types, recent college grads, some in the publishing world, none of whom she knew except the host. She went into the kitchen, to the right of the front entrance corridor, looking for a glass, then decided it would be less fussy to drink straight from the bottle. That was her style. She fancied smoking non-filter Camels and Lucky Strikes. She liked drinking Baileys and Punt e Mes, an Italian vermouth.

Obama love storyStanding in the kitchen was a guy named Barack, wearing blue jeans, T-shirt, dark leather jacket. They spoke briefly, then moved on. Hours later, after midnight, she was about to leave when Barack Obama approached and asked her to wait. They plopped down on an orange beanbag chair at the end of the hall, and this time, the conversation clicked.

He noticed her accent. Australian, she said. He knew many Aussies, friends of his mother’s, because he had lived in Indonesia when he was a boy. So had she, before her parents divorced, and again briefly in high school.

As it turned out, their stays in Jakarta had overlapped for a few years, starting in 1967. They talked nonstop, moving from one subject to another, sharing an intense and immediate affinity, enthralled by the randomness of their meeting and how much they had in common. They had lived many places but never felt at home.

Will Michelle be the final chapter in the Obama love story? We know president Obama loves Michelle a lot and we guess the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Read this relationship analysis of Michell and Barack. Here is a biopic on the Obama and Michelle’s love story, called Southside With You, that’s releasing soon!

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