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Image of an elderly couple with the caption "Our grandparents didn't begin their marriage with love. Instead, they were taught how to love". This seems to suugest that an arranged marriage lasts longer.

Falling In Love 30 Years After Arranged Marriage

Remember the movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button? Brad Pitt starts off as an old man and then progressively becomes younger. Well, successful...
Image showing a female soldier in an obstacle course. It denotes the fact that extra effort pays off.

Why Is Your Personal Biodata For Marriage Important?

Here is why your personal biodata for marriage is important You may not think much about your personal biodata for marriage. If you agree, you...
Barbie Doll Representing a Stereotyped Matrimony Profile

Do You Have A Stereotyped Matrimony Profile? We Are Not Surprised!

Indians love a stereotyped matrimony profile! Open the 'Brides / Bridegrooms Wanted' section in your local newspaper or magazine or log into any online matrimony...
Parents are unhappy about love marriage

9 Epic Arguments Against Arranged Marriage From a Frustrated Indian!

Looking for arguments against arranged marriage? Let's face it, we have our gripes against arranged marriages. We find a way to vent our feelings...

History of Wedding Invitation Cards in India

The marriage business is big business in India. Back in 2013, Conde Nast valued the Indian wedding industry at $38 Billion! According to Conde...
Image of Woman photographer in a snow storm

What You Should Know Before Marrying A Photographer

Marrying a photographer? if you are marrying a photographer, you will have to understand how they think, how they see the world, and how their...
Image showing Sleeping Positions and Relationships through drawings

Couple Sleeping Positions and What They Really Mean!

Sleeping positions with partner Relationship experts and couple therapists have been having a go at your sleeping positions and what it means to your relationship....
Image with the caption FInd Love Using The Passionate Love Scale

How To Find Love Using The Passionate Love Scale?

How to find love? A scientific approach Love is a difficult concept to measure. In your quest to find love, there is no objective way...

10 Commandments On Love For Indians

Sandhya Ramachandran, in this brilliant blog post, lists the 10 commandments of love applicable for Indians. Read on and prepare to laugh! This is a...
Image showing Ariel as Indian Bride

Indian Bridal Dresses Inspired By Disney Princesses

Indian bridal dresses as imagined by Disney! Indian bridal dresses are gorgeous and breathtaking. If you think they cannot get any better, think again! The wonderful...