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Image with the caption Why do Indians Use Matrimony Sites

Why Do Indians Use Matrimony Sites? 5 Surprising Facts Revealed!

Matrimony sites in India - A key facilitator for arranged marriages Matrimony sites are online portals that facilitate arranged marriage matchmaking for Indians and South...
Indian couple who chose love marriage

6 Surprising Arranged Marriage Facts and Statistics

Arranged marriage facts to dispel your doubts Arranged marriage facts and statistics are in short supply. In fact, myths about arranged marriages are more popular! One...
Image showing Kasturba Gandhi with her hosts in Coimbatire, India

Kasturba – Portrait Of The Woman Behind Gandhi

It's October 2nd and school-going children all over India are thankful it falls on a weekday. On top of it, it's a Friday and...
Image of Rajnikanth with the caption "When Rajnikanth Signed Up for Online Matrimony Sites"

When Rajnikanth Signed Up For Online Matrimony Sites

Matrimony sites are big business in India. According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the online matrimony business is estimated to be Rs.1650...
Image showing a horse and a female jockey sharing a carrot with the title "Food Lovers' Guide to Finding and Keeping Love"

How Smart Food Lovers Find Love – Secrets Revealed!

Food lovers live life the fullest Food lovers are known to do the craziest things possible to satisfy their passion. They will be the first...
Image showing a man in business suit shouting in front of his colleagues

Predicting Your Behaviour With Your Wife

Jodi Logik will seek out weird questions and provide weirder answers. Steve Jobs once said, "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." We have decided to stay...
The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage – A Comprehensive Analysis

  Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage - Similarities & Differences The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate points to the changes in the way young people...
First night

What Really Happens On The First Night of Marriage?

Every once in a while, Jodi Logik minions will put their busy day to day activities on hold to answer important questions that are...
Indian Bridal Mehndi Design

Biodata For Marriage Proposal – FREE Templates, Tips, Samples

Why is your biodata for marriage important? Your biodata for marriage is as important as a job resume. It performs three critical roles: 1. A marriage...
Image with a heart shaped icon with the tagline "5 questions to think about when writing about your biodata for marriage"

5 Questions To Consider When Writing Biodata For Marriage

Writing biodata for marriage, like death, is inevitable If you think you can get away from writing biodata for marriage, brace yourself for the truth. As...