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Image showing an UFO landing on earth with the caption "9 signs that it's time to create your biodata for marriage."

9 Signs That Tell You Are Ready For A Matrimonial Biodata

We all reach a certain point in our lives where we need to start getting serious about marriage even though we might not be...
Image showing scientists at work with a caption that reads 8 scientific ways to create a kickass biodata for marriage.

8 Proven Ways to Create a Kickass Resume for Marriage

Your resume for marriage is not a job resume! At Jodi Logik, we truly believe in the idea that every arranged marriage starts with resume...
Biodata format for Hindu

Marriage Biodata – What to Write & How to Create a...

What is a marriage biodata? A marriage biodata is a concise document that summarises key information about the person who is looking to get married. The...
When it comes to arranged marriage, matrimony sites fall short

Using Matrimony Sites In India? You Probably Need Jodi Logik!

Are you using matrimony sites in India? “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” That’s marriage for you. Once...