Personalised Jewellery: 7 Jaw-Dropping Ways To Stand Out!


Personalised JewelleryPersonalised Jewellery – Get ready for the fashion revolution!

Personalised jewellery is catching on like wild-fire around the world. Wondering why? A culmination of trends and changing expectations has now what I call the “perfect storm”.

Rewind the clock to the early 1900s when the legendary Henry Ford is thought to have said, “Any customer can have the car painted any colour he wants so long as it’s black.

We have come a long way since then. Motorola in the US offers customers the option to order a custom phone with plenty of options to choose from in terms of selecting the colours, engraving your name, adding custom messages on starting the phone to name a few.

Fashion retailers and shoe companies offering customised and personalised products to attract customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. All this is made possible because of significant improvements in technology associated with manufacturing products.

One of the technologies that are now helping companies push the boundaries beyond customisation is the 3D Printer. All of a sudden, manufacturing is no longer the exclusive domain of big companies as anyone with access to a 3D printer and designs can start manufacturing for their personal needs. Check out these videos that show you what’s possible with 3D printing and digital tools when comes to jewellery designs.

7 ways to stand out from the crowd with personalised jewellery!

We lined up 7 different ways personalised jewellery can help you stand out from the crowd. Thanks to Vivek Krishna of Augrav for giving us the insider dope on personalised jewellery!

1. Get your fingerprints and voice on your jewellery

personalised jewellery

If you thought you will never use your fingerprints unless you are applying for a US Visa, think again. You can now get your fingerprints on gold jewellery! The process starts with you taking a fingerprint and sending it back to the jeweller. The fingerprint is etched either on the inside or on the outside of the ring you choose. Not a fan of fingerprints? You can also include your name and an engraved voice note to make it truly special.

2. Hello, my name is on my bracelet

personalised jewellery

What’s a fancy way of announcing your name? Have it written in gold! That’s exactly what a name bracelet is. Just choose the bracelet design and your jeweller will add your name to it. No, we are not talking of engraving your name. Your name is the bracelet!

3. 3D sculpture pendants to immortalise love

personalised jewellery

How about you immortalise your baby or anyone else you love in a pendant? Yes, it is now possible to take your photograph, work with it to make it suitable for 3D printers to do their magic on the pendants. Voila, you will have the 3D face of someone you love to carry around wherever you go. What’s a better way to keep your loved ones close to you?Accessories for sarees

4. Expensive toys for your precious kids

personalised jewellery

If you prefer the toys you buy for your kids to be made of gold, you don’t have to the Emir of Dubai! It is now possible to create a 3D gold toy of anything! That’s not all. You can personalise them with your name or the name of your child.

5. Tired of Rupee coins? Get your engraved gold coins

Personalised jewellery

Engraved gold coins are the perfect gift items for special occasions. Couples getting married can now get their photographs engraved on gold as well as silver coins. They can also add their names and make it a collectable item for the guests at the wedding.

6. Want to make Gollum envious of your ring?

personalised jewellery

Reality meets fiction. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you can get your personalised ring engraved with your name or any other message you choose in Elvish! If you are not an LOTR fan, you can get yourself a barcode ring! Convert your name or any other word that is special to you into a barcode and have it etched on the ring.

7. When two alphabets come together

Personalised Jewellery
Alphabets A and C -United in Love!

Jewellers can now bring together two different alphabets to create one unique pendant that seamlessly represents both the alphabets. This is a great gift idea for the love of your life.

Personalised jewellery buying tips and facts

Before you buy your personalised jewellery, here are some insider tips from Vivek Krishna of Augrav.

1. Fingerprint rings and music rings with engraved voice tone are popular with newly engaged couples who want to seal the deal with something really special and unique.

2. 3D model pendants are popular with customers who want to remember their loved ones who are longer with them.

3. A lot of customization options are available in addition to personalisation! You can even work with your jeweller to change the design of the item before you personalise it.

4. Because jewellery is made from scratch based your order, be prepared to have a lot of back and forth interaction with the jeweller.

5. Don’t expect to walk into your neighbourhood jewellery store for buying a personalised jewellery item. Retail stores don’t have the tools or the capability (yet) to offer personalised jewellery. Online speciality jewellers are more in tune with the latest tools and techniques for creating personalised jewellery.

6. Prices for personalised jewellery can range from a couple of thousand Rupees all the way to a couple of Lakhs or more.

Stand out from the crowd!

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