When Rajnikanth Signed Up For Online Matrimony Sites


Image of Rajnikanth with the caption "When Rajnikanth Signed Up for Online Matrimony Sites"

Matrimony sites are big business in India. According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the online matrimony business is estimated to be Rs.1650 crores in size by 2017.

A lot of us have firsthand experience in using online matrimony sites, and will probably agree to the fact that they might as well be strapped to a crazy roller coaster. The emotional roller coaster a matrimony site user will go through is not very different from the experience of watching a Rajinikanth movie! After all, everything can be explained through Rajinikanth movies.

Matrimony sites make outrageous claims

Every matrimony site claims to be the number one site! You will be a sucker to believe anything they claim. In fact, the claim of giving you access to tens of millions of profiles is highly suspicious as the definition of what is an active profile is never really revealed. In other words, they may have tens of millions of profiles who are no longer interested in getting married or lost whatever interest they had in getting married and never bothered to log back into the site!

Easy sign up means anybody can sign up for matrimony sites

Anybody can easily sign up for matrimony sites. The focus is on getting as many unsuspecting people create a profile and scant attention is actually paid to the quality of the matrimony profile. Rajnikanth demonstrates how this can be done when he attended a job interview.


Creating your profile on matrimony sites

This is where all your hope of finding a partner starts disintegrating. The frustration is unbearable as you answer a thousand questions ranging from the number of moles on your body to how fair you want your partner to be in order to complete your matrimony profile. This is where you start questioning your fate as Superstar once did!


Dodging the salesman and coughing up money

If you think completing the matrimony profile is enough, you are in for a rude shock. You need to now navigate the many offers to upgrade your subscription to a premium package! Now you know it’s not really free as advertised. Rajnikanth and several other heroes seem to agree.

Communicating with a potential match on matrimony sites

This is a cat and mouse game actually. You will most probably be chatting with a parent if you are lucky! It is awkward and confusing as Rajnikanth found out.


Matrimony sites give you disappointing results

You signed-up with expectation, but you end up with heartache. This is Just like how Rajnikanth felt when he realised the reality is not what he imagined it to be. Sob, sob.


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