7 Compelling Reasons To Marry A Girl From A Small Town


Small town girlSmall Town Girls Are Underrated!

Are you considering marrying a girl from a small town? Chances are you are going through an arranged marriage and your family has shortlisted a small town girl.

Some city dwellers in India have an attitude problem when it comes to small town India. While there is no scientific study on this topic, here are some of the comments I have heard my family and friends say about people from small town India.

She has absolutely no exposure to the outside world! I am not sure who will ever give her a job.

Hey, do you know how to use this escalator?

That’s a “finger bowl” for washing your hands. Don’t drink it!

In short, someone is considered less sophisticated because English doesn’t roll out of their tongues or they wear traditional clothes. The general lack of “modern” edifices that dot urban India such as shopping malls, multiplexes, hang-out spots, traffic lights (that nobody cares to follow anyways), automatically means small town India carry the mantle of a “glorified village“.

Every girl from small town India has to start off with a major handicap when interacting with a prospective match from a big city, i.e being considered inferior and dull.

If you are one of those who is considering marrying a girl from a small town, here are 7 compelling reasons to say YES!

1. Small towns girls with big aspirations

Girl from a small town
Changing story lines in Soap Operas highlight how small town India is changing.

Girls from small towns probably also have big aspirations and some of them also have the intelligence and the drive to be successful in whatever they do. This is not just my opinion. Television channels such as Star Plus base their programming on what their target market demands. One of the major markets that television channels focus on is women in the 15 to 35-year-old age group in small towns. Here is an interesting extract from a study done by one of the television channels.

When the marketing team traveled to viewer homes across cities, small towns, and rural areas, they came up with fresh insights on how aspirations have changed. Gupta says he met the wife of a wealthy diamond merchant in Surat. She lives in a joint family and is trying her hand at design for her husband’s business. “I want people to know me as Mrs. Reena Mehta, not Mrs. Mehta,” she told him. Gupta calls this “mega change”.

Small town girls, like women in big cities, are ambitious and have big aspirations. They are capable of having the passion and drive to realize their dreams. Not every small town girl want to just settle with whoever the parents line up for them.

2. Ability to make the most out of everything

Here is an interesting story of Nirmala Kandalgaonkar. Nirmala is from a small town and had to face incredible odds before she became a successful entrepreneur. Here is Nirmala’s story.

Nirmala Kandalgaonkar, Founder of vermicomposting tool provider Vivam AgroTech, grew up in small-town Maharashtra and decided to launch a rural venture after her children reached school age. She applied her science degree to develop controlled-environment products for soil engineering using earthworms. She had to travel extensively for promotion and training activities and eventually got government support after a Pragati Maidan exhibition as well as a TiE award. The company now works with large corporate and self-help groups for biogas projects.

Small towns are unforgiving to women. They have face strict religious and social restrictions on their personal freedom and independence. Yet, women in small towns fight through these barriers only to emerge stronger and make the most of what they have around them.

3. Value for money

Small town girl
A shopping mall in Madurai – Via Veethi.com

Anyone living in the city will agree to the fact that the cost of living has skyrocketed exponentially. Even in cities, people prefer to buy houses in distant suburbs to make ends meet even at the cost of dealing with horrendous daily commutes. As a city dweller, you expect everything to be costly and this resets your brain to accept higher prices as the norm. That’s not all, we may even assume just because something is expensive, it’s also of better quality!

The cost of living in small towns across India are obviously cheaper. Small towns are closer to where food is grown and the demand for housing and other resources are relatively less keeping prices low.

A small town girl will probably deal with sticker shock if she ever moves to the city. This is precisely the experience I had when I moved to Chennai after growing up in a town. In fact, I experienced the same sticker shock when I moved to the US!

Moral of the story, women from a small town are probably more conservative in their spending habits as they know they are shelling out much more that what they would otherwise spend. That’s good for any marriage.

4. Struggled a lot more to earn their independence

Small town girls have the fire in the belly and the drive to overcome immense odds. They may not have the opportunities that a big city may have to offer women and hence are fighting for their dreams and independence with one hand tied.

In general, small town girls have a lower quality of education as there are not as many good schools as there are in the cities, and tend to marry at a younger age. Job opportunities are also limited. If you think I am talking about small town India, you are wrong! I was actually talking about what women in small town America face! Just image the plight of a small town girl in India.

if you would like to get a glimpse of a life a small town girl, you should read the book – From Hindustan Cables Limited – The Journey of a Small-Town Indian Immigrant.

5. Rooted to traditions and culture?

Small town girl
Via Prabhu B Doss, Flickr

In a small town, everybody knows everybody else! The culture of small town India is still conservative when compared to that of cities and small town girls are more in tune with religious traditions and social customs as it is the norm.

Unlike cities, families in small town India maintain close contact with their neighbours and friends. If you are in a small town and miss your classes, the teacher is bound to pay a visit to your place! While many of these customs border on oppressive dictates by the society, it is also not bad to marry someone who is aware of the cultural/religious traditions.

In addition to keeping your parents happy and scoring some brownie points with pesky aunties and uncles (pun intended), marrying a woman who understands the traditions of your culture or religion certainly will keep you centred and in touch with your ancestors.

6. Ying and Yang

Small town girl
Yin and Yang Via Pinterest

Ever heard of the concept of Ying and Yang? In the Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are about how two opposing forces are actually interdependent or interconnected when they come together! The concept of Yin and Yang has a bearing in marriages as well.

Here is an extract from Erin M. Cline, associate professor of theology at Georgetown University that explains who the Yin and Yang concept applies in married life.

Each person, male or female, has many aspects and traits of character, and one might argue that to varying degrees and in different ways, these aspects and traits express qualities that are associated with yin and yang. This means that spouses can contribute in distinctive and complementary ways to their shared goals.

Married couples might work to arrange their lives—including the division of labour in and outside of the home, as well as parenting responsibilities—in ways that draw upon each individual’s strengths so that the roles of each spouse complement those of the other.

For example, when playing with their children outdoors, one parent may encourage athletic activities while the other parent may encourage observing wildlife. Both types of activities involve engaging with one’s child and encouraging a love of outdoor activity. Appealing to yin-yang complementarity, traditional Confucians argued that it is good for children to have parents who differ in complementary ways.

Small town girls bring to the table unique experiences and skills that city folk lack. Marrying a small town girl will be an enriching experience for you, her and your children in the future.

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