This Idea Helped A Man Find Love


Finding love is an art and science. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy in pursuit of love. Some of us end up spending money on self-help books that guarantee surefire ways to find love. But our quest to find love mostly ends up in disappointments.

Image showing a man writing to depict how men find love.

Human beings are emotional creatures and it is very difficult to predict how you will find love. Rational thoughts, hormones, and social norms play a role in all our decisions when it comes to finding love and its one hell of a roller coaster ride.

One man’s quest to find love

Somebody said, “Honesty is the best policy” and it might be true even when it comes to matters of the heart. At the end of the day, being genuine and honest is probably the easiest strategy to find love. Here is a true story.

In response to a question in Quora, Raghu Vamshee shared his story on how he got married. He first met a girl through his family and the meeting did not go well and the proposal was rejected by the girl citing horoscope mismatch.

As luck would have it, our friend happens to be an avid blogger and he wrote a blog post titled “My answer for why you should marry me“. Here are some extracts from his post.

“I am average/a bit better than an average looking guy. Be safe that there is no girl who has a huge crush on me and I wouldn’t cheat on you. If not for my ethics, my looks also might not favour me 🙂 and, not bad either (in case you stop reading !!!).

My family nor am I are not looking for dowry. My dad too married without a rupee of dowry (Relevant.India.).

I am a good cook. Will cook all that a normal housewife would cook. So, not depending on your cooking skills and flexible to eat whatever you cook with a grain of salt and love!

You needn’t do the household chores. A maid is already employed who does all that. You were most likely brought up like a princess and now will live the life of a Queen. #IAssure

I am a very good listener. Will listen to all that you say. Your neighbours’ friend’s puppy to your childhood crush, to your grandfather’s old transistor to anything. Your talk makes you even cuter.

It’s a rule that you should NOT sacrifice your dreams/vision/passion. Will always support you in all your endeavour. Free to study further/work as long as you want/take off and pursue your interests like music/teaching/acting/guitar… basically, live the life that you want to.

I am witty. Will make you smile even at your aunt’s funeral.

Extremely caring. My mom and my ex are proofs (Reference will be provided). 😉

You are what you are. You will retain your identity.

This is just a comprehensive list and points were compiled over a few years. True to the best of my knowledge and typed it without the influence of alcohol.

This will be archived and a huge print out taken and hung on a wall. Will promise to live by these. Are you searching for me???? 🙂 :-)”

As fate would have it, Raghu met the same girl again in a social setting and the two started talking again. The girl then happened to read his blog post as well and that probably sealed the deal! Moral of the story, being honest is a great way to find love.

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