What Every Bride Would Want To Say To Her Father


A girl’s relationship with her father is truly special. And every bride who is on the cusp of becoming a wife will probably think about her relationship with her father on the eve of the wedding. This poem beautifully captures that emotion. We bet you will agree.

Image of the bride with her father on the eve of her wedding.

My Wedding Day

I think about the time,

Not so long ago,

That when I needed a helping hand,

You were the first to know

I think about the memories,

The good times we’ve shared,

I think about all you’ve taught me,

And how my broken heart you always repaired

Now as I stand here today,

And reminisce on the past,

I think about how hard this day is for you,

How fast the years have surpassed

But as you walk me down the aisle,

Daddy, please don’t cry,

You know how much I love you,

And this is not goodbye

As I spread my wings and fly,

Look at me and know,

That you will forever be in my heart,

Even as the years grow

I think of today as a new beginning,

But my love for you will stay,

So walk me down the aisle Daddy,

It’s my Wedding Day

A father’s ode to his daughter before her wedding

Now that you have read a poem from the bride to the father, it’s time to hear a poem from the father to the bride!

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