What Makes India Unique? 17 Photographs That Scream “India”


India is a vast place with mind-boggling diversity. The country has a long history and a colourful present. When we look for what makes Indian unique, there are way too many things that come to our minds.

So What Makes India Unique?

Here are some interesting takes on what makes India unique:

Each and every one of the 28 states and 7 union territories of India have their own language, clothing, cuisine..” read more.

“Having travelled to more than 30 countries so far, India stands out as the country of extreme contrasts. I have met the most polite and the most rude people here. I know no country where the gap between the rich and the poor is larger than in India. In a few areas, standards are very high whereas in others they are incredibly low. To a European, India is full of contradictions. Being such a big country and that diverse, India is like a cosmos in itself. Totally unique…. nothing compares to India.” read more.

“We just love our Indian food don’t we? It’s so diverse and unique. Each regional cuisine is significantly different from the other. The Hyderabad Biryani, Rogan Josh, Poha, Palak Paneer and the list can never end. Each cuisine is so different yet delectable. The street food cannot be ignored either. The Paani Puris, Dahi Wada, Chaat and so on. Spicy, tasty and tangy food is what we love.” read more.

We decided we need a visual answer. Thanks to the Tumblr blog – Indophilia, we picked out 17 photographs that showcase everything that makes India unique.

1. Colorful Sarees

What makes India unique - sarees

“These ladies were leaving work in the afternoon,” explains Dasha Horita, who submitted this photo of women in India, uniformly outfitted in bright-pink veils and flowered dresses, descending a staircase in the waning sunlight.

2. Exotic Flowers

Why makes Indian unique - exotic flowers

The photograph depicts a flower market in Bangalore. Flowers form an integral part of Indian festivals and are a standard feature across all religions and states in this vast country.

3. The Indian Bullfrog

What makes India unique - Indian bullfrog

The Indian bull frog depicted here is puffing up to defend itself from a prey by making them look bigger! Wondering why Indians tend to promise more than what they can actually deliver!

4. Elephants

What makes India unique - Elephants

This is a great shot of a temple elephant resting with its keeper. You will also see the carving of the elephant God, Ganesha, on the pillar.

5. Indian Architecture

What makes India unique - Amazing temple

Brihadeshwara Temple in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, is the largest temple in India. The temple built during the Chola period is a great example of the Dravidian architecture.

6. Street food

What makes India unique - Street food

India is known for its colourful street food. Pictured here is roasted corn sprinkled with spices.

7. Sport

What makes India unique - Carrom

It’s not always cricket. Chess and Carrom are hugely popular in India.

8. Spirituality and thought leadership

What makes India unique - Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda served a spokesperson for Hinduism and Yoga and is credited with establishing a bridge between India and the western world. He was also a staunch nationalist his teachings serve as a beacon for young Indians.

9. Religion and traditions

What makes India unique - culture and traditions

The image shows a goddess Durga statue being immersed. There are countless traditions and rituals across the length and breadth of the country.

10. Ambassador car

What makes India unique - Ambassador car

The iconic Ambassador car was all the rage in India for several decades. Based on a vintage British design, the car continues to remain as a torch bearer of “Indianness”.

11. The three wheel “auto”

Indian Threewheeler AutoThis is an image of a decked out “auto” for a wedding ceremony. Autos in their thousands can be seen in every Indian town and city and is widely used for commute and urban transportation. Of course, they don’t go around with these elaborate decorations!

12. Paan

What makes India unique - Paan

Beetlenut leaves stuffed with a medley of sour / sweet items and digestive aids are usually had after a heavy meal. This unique Indian tradition is popular in all corners of the country.

13. Coconut oil

What makes India unique - coconut oil

Coconut oil is widely used in India. People use coconut oil for cooking, hair care, skincare to name a few. If windex can solve any problem in the US, coconut oil takes its place in India.

14. Public urination

What makes India unique

Indian men urinate in public and public urination is a common sight in India. This has become a health issue and has prompted the Indian government to launch campaigns to change this behavior.

15. Breaking the coconut

What makes India unique - Breaking a coconut

Breaking the coconut is considered an auspicious ritual that is done before starting anything new or when visiting Hindu temples. Here is an explanation for this ritual.

16. Amar Chitra Katha

What makes India unique - Amar Chitra KathaThe iconic Amar Chitra Katha is a popular children’s comic book series that brings to life Indian history and mythology. Children across India are its big fans.

17. Bollywood

What makes India unique - BollywoodThis is what happens to anyone that forgets to include Bollywood in the list of things that makes India unique!

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